Mhoni Vidente knows how Luis Miguel’s mother died and where she is

Rev. Obvious amounts to generating controversy in the entertainment world by ensuring that knows where the body of Marcela Basteri, the mother of Luis Migue isl, and also confessed that he knows how he died and we have the details in The topicality of the truth.

In this sense, the fate of Luis Miguel’s mother has become the greatest mystery surrounding the life of the famous singer, because to date it is not known what happened with certainty with the strange disappearance of Marcela Basteri, when the singer was barely a child.

Faced with this harsh and controversial panorama, astrologer Mhoni Vidente pointed out that Luis Miguel’s mother was the victim of femicide when she was drowned by “a loved one”.

It was during the transmission of a morning show broadcast on YouTube, that the famous fortune teller pointed out that Luis Rey, Luis Miguel’s father, would be responsible for most of the dramas of the singer known as “El Sol”.

He revealed that it would be Luis Miguel’s own father who allegedly practiced witchcraft in Cuba for his son, whom he called “Mickey”, to triumph on the international stage.

It is precisely this act of witchcraft that would have poisoned the mind of Luis Rey, which would be responsible for the death of Marcela Basteri.

Mhoni Vidente, the successful astrologer revealed that it was in Spain, at the end of a party, that Luis Rey allegedly murdered his own wife, because she did not want to give him two million dollars. she would like to give this money to her son Luis Michael.

Recall that the singer and his mother saw each other for the last time at Luna Park in Argentina, while he was giving a concert, at a time when the relationship between Luis Rey and Marcela Basteri was going through a difficult period, because they were not not here. in accordance with the direction taken by Luis Miguel’s career.

Mhoni Vidente raised the issue during his shocking consultation and sparked numerous comments on social media, assuring that he knows the whereabouts of Luis Miguel’s mother’s body.

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