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Michelle salas , first born of Luis Miguel , reacted annoyed before the second season of Luis Miguel, the series, because throughout the eight chapters his personal life is touched on, in particular the romance he lived with his father’s manager, Alejandro Asensi . The 31-year-old blogger also pointed out that at no point did she allow her story to be used and seen as “unnecessary, disrespectful and unhappy” in the way her intimate life is projected, in addition to pointing out that the production Netflix sexualized your image.

© @ michellesalasb Michelle Salas shared her feelings on the second season of her father’s biopic series

It is through Instagram stories that Michelle shared a message in which she made known her position on the series. “And suddenly, like that, I find myself needing to talk. Many know that I have never been a person who likes to dispel rumors. I have always stayed away from scandals and opinions even if they concern me because throughout my life I have learned that it is better for my mental health and to take care of everyone around me . Since I can remember my life has been in the public eye and I have lived surrounded by commentary, critical comparisons and inventions to name a few. And yes, even though I’m used to it, I admit that it’s something that sometimes costs me work ”.

“I am a public person, but above all I am a human being and a woman. A woman who many will think she had it all, but few know the truth. Maybe today is not the day to tell them, but I know that at some point I will open a little more the doors of my life, how I grew up and how much he got to me it took to get to where I am ”.

Luis Miguel and Michelle Salas© @ michellesalasb Luis Miguel and his daughter, Michelle Salas following his relationship with Stéphanie Salas

“Today, sitting at the office in my apartment with an open heart, I have a little trouble writing this and expressing it correctly because it is a sensitive subject for me. It is not a matter of work, but rather my personal life, my family, my childhood and my private life. Which has been exposed and not necessarily in the best possible way ”.

Macarena Achaga and Fernando Guallar in Luis Miguel, the series© @ luismiguellaserie / @ cam.jurado In the series, Michelle is played by Macarena Achaga, and Alejandro Asensi by actor Fernando Guallar

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