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Michelle Salas owns luxurious residences. Are they from Luis Miguel? | Instagram

Michelle Salas, the Luis Miguel’s firstbornShe is said to be the owner of luxury properties in the United States, where she currently spends most of her time.

The Luis Miguel’s daughter, Michelle Salas and Stephanie Salas currently lives in the United States due to her constant travel to collaborate with major international brands, which requires her to live without a fixed location.

However, it is presumed that “Mexican Sun Daughter“She maintains a very carefree life by having two homes, one in Florida and the other in New York, although she also constantly travels to Europe, from where she has been captured from the beautiful white balconies of the tall buildings.

Michelle Salas owns luxurious residences. Are they by Luis Miguel ?. Photo: Instagram capture

As it happened, the “model“She has two residences in the United States, the same as the young woman of 32 years old shared via their social networks, Michelle salas, is very active and frequently shares content with its 1.8 million subscribers.

As we know recently, the Stéphanie Salas’ firstborn She reportedly bought a luxurious apartment in the city of Miami that cost her three million dollars, apparently it would be the same who paid him with the income she earns from her job, so Luis Miguel wouldn’t contribute a dime.

The property is located in an exclusive area of ​​Miami in the state of Florida and has a minimalist decoration in which the color white predominates with tones of the taupe range. The Silvia Pasquel’s granddaughter He added his touch with abstract paintings and objects that highlight the decoration.

Michelle Salas’ second property is located in the Manhattan neighborhood of New York and it would be a bit simpler and smaller than the one in Miami, and apparently she has had it for several years.

The rooms have a vintage style with blue and white colors, as well as decor that includes mirrors, lights and hardwood floors, apparently the “influencer“He has good taste, which is also appreciated through his fashion sessions.

We can say that “the student of fashion design“You can live a life full of luxury and comfort by traveling from one place to another through your current work as a model.

It should be noted that Michelle Salas has three brothers, a younger sister on her mother’s side and two younger brothers, fruits of the past relationship between her father and Aracely Arámbula.


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