Michelle Salas, Luis Miguel’s daughter, angry with Netflix

be a girl Luis Miguel This is no small task and is accompanied by an exhibition that is not always chosen, but sometimes touching. This is how he feels and thinks Michele Salas, who confessed a few days ago on her Instagram account that she had not been consulted to appear in the biographical series of El Sol de Mxico.

On the Netflix series, Michele Salas That on his Instagram account with more than 1.7 million followers, he defended himself by saying: I am a public person but I am above all a human being and a woman. A woman many think they have understood it all, but few know the truth. Maybe today is not the day I tell them, but at some point I will open the doors of my life a little more.

First of all, it seems important to me to clarify that I do not authorize at any time the use of my photo, my name and my personal life. And just like they didn’t ask me if I was okay with my life becoming a TV series and one of the main characters in the fictional interpretation of it, he said. in a long text divided into three stories on his Instagram profile.

In this post, salas She went even further and said, “I had some unforgettable moments with my parents and I’m glad they were able to tell a little bit about the relationship we had. But I find the “unnecessary, disrespectful and unhappy” way he decided to treat his daughter, a woman, to end this chapter of his story, explicitly sexualizing her at the age of nineteen and violating her. private life.

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Michele She is the daughter of Mexican artist and actress Stephanie Salas, one of the Latin American country’s most famous performers, who became pregnant with the singer at the age of 19. Furthermore, Luis Miguel He has two other children, Miguel and Daniel, still minors who grew up far from the spotlight. These two children are in a relationship with Mexican actress and singer Araceli Arambola.

Stéphanie and Michelle Salas. Photo: Instagram Michelle Salas

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