Michelle Salas reacted to the second season of Luis Miguel, the series: she didn’t like it at all

Last weekend came the final episode of the second season of Luis Miguel, the series on the streaming service Netflix, where fans witnessed a new part of the life of the Mexican Sun. The third installment is already confirmed by the platform, but what has been seen recently is already talking and who has raised his voice this time was neither more nor less than Michelle salas.

Season 2 takes us to a stage in the singer’s life where he is more mature, but estranged from his daughter. That is why Michele, played by Macarena Achaga, decides to get closer and try to bond again, after years without being with her. After going back and forth, They manage to establish a relationship, but in the last chapter we see in the fiction that Luismi discovers that he is dating his best friend and manager, Mauricio Ambrosi. (Alejandro Asensi).

This is why the model decided to go out and speak publicly about the TV show and did so through her official Instagram account. In one story, he shared a statement in which he shows his anger and disagreement with what they showed of her, something that meant copious amounts of rumors and comments to his family that hurt him. These are the snapshots of his words!

“First of all, it seems important to me to clarify that I have not authorized the use of my image, my name and my personal life at any time. Also, they didn’t ask me if I was okay with my life becoming a TV series and in one of the main characters in the fictional interpretation of it “say the first lines of his harsh statement against the production of the show.

Although it is true that at no time does he mention the name of the series “Luis Miguel”, it is clear that it refers to the fiction of Netflix. In one of the last paragraphs, he states: “I dare to express my feelings because I believe I should and not for myself alone. No one should ever feel this way and be treated that way. Much less without their consent. It’s not fair that they use my life and my story as if they have the rights to it and also that they distort it as they see fit “.

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