‘Money Heist’ star Alvaro Morte to star in ‘Talkies,’ from ‘Luis Miguel’ producer Gato Grande (EXCLUSIVE)

“Money Heist” star Alvaro Morte is attached to star “Talkies,” from “Luis Miguel” producer Gato Grande, which will be featured at Iberseries’ first co-production and funding forum on September 28.

“Talkies” covers the period between 1930 and 1934, an unusual time when the foreign language versions were shot on the same sets where the original English films were shot before dubbing or subtitling technology existed. .

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Directed by “Money Heist” director Alex Rodrigo and co-developed with Veranda de Catalunya (“Merli”), the 8 x 45″ series focuses on making “talkies” in Spanish, some of which, like the Spanish version of Bela Lugosi “Dracula” was considered far superior Morte will play actor Carlos Villarias, who took on the role of Dracula in the Spanish version.

“We have 40% coverage and are looking for partners in the United States, Spain and/or Latin America to complete the funding,” said Maximiliano “Tate” Sanguine, vice president of development and creative production at Gato. Big/MGM. Plans are to shoot the ambitious project in Mexico and the United States

“Talkies” is one of five projects with Spanish connections among Gato Grande’s 55 high profile projects in the pipeline. Of the 55 projects, 20 are in English for the Anglo-Saxon market while 35 are intended for the Spanish-speaking market, these five projects being in co-development with Spain. “The pandemic may have delayed our production plans, but it has allowed us to develop a more robust pipeline,” said Sanguine who expects three projects to go into production shortly.

The bicultural company with offices in Los Angeles and Mexico is 50% owned by MGM, which was acquired by Amazon for $8.5 billion in March. “We are free to shop our projects; there is no first-look deal with Prime Video at this time,” Sanguine noted.

The company behind “Luis Miguel: The Series” has also landed Osvaldo Benavides (“The Good Doctor”) to star in its upcoming drama series “Las Mil Vidas” (“A Thousand Lives”). Written and directed by Marina Seresesky (“The Open Door”), “Las Mil Vidas” is inspired by true events and centers on a woman in Madrid whose 8-year-old son has gone missing.

Las Mil Vidas

Las Mil Vidas

Four years later, a medium sends him a YouTube video of a young boy in Mexico who drew the place where his son disappeared, with his name and the Spanish flag. She contacts the Mexican journalist (Benavides) who interviewed the boy. In addition to helping her find the boy, he introduces her to a Mexican network of “Ancores”, reincarnated people who help others like her. When she meets the boy, there is an instant connection. She takes him back to Spain where she hopes he can show her where her son was buried.

“Las Mil Vidas” has already received some recognition in the market, winning first prize at the 2019 CIIF market in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and selected by the Spanish film institute ICAA to represent Spain at the 2020 Film Market, among others .

Meanwhile, Chilean Marcela Said (“Summer of the Flying Fish,” “Los Perros”) has written and will direct and present “Breves Amores Eternos” (“Brief Eternal Loves”) which is set in Mexico and Spain. Series. Based on the eponymous novel by Pedro Mairal, revolves around a diversity of women and their intertwined romantic life stories. Buenos Aires-based Kapow is co-producing.

Another series with Spanish connections is the romance saga set in pre-revolutionary Cuba, “El Malecón,” with Jaime Llorente (“Money Heist,” “Elite”) confirmed to take on the lead role as Patricio. Based on the novel “El Encanto” by Madrid-based Susana López Rubio, the series follows Patricio as he flees Franco’s Spain to Havana where he meets Gloria, a Liberal Democrat spy, married to a powerful mobster. . Alberto Ruiz Rojo is attached to the production of certain episodes.

Lopez Rubio, Juan Beiro and Javier Holgado Vicente will direct episodes of Gato Grande’s fifth co-developed Spanish project, “Reinas de la Tele” (“Television Queens”). Designed by Lopez Rubio, it skilfully combines the genres of reality and thriller.

The series opens with Caty who is about to film the fourth season of her Kardashian-style reality show and wakes up next to a corpse in her bed. As she drags the body to the basement, she is caught by the cameraman who agrees to keep it a secret and help her find the killer. “It will be 100% shot in Spain. We hope to have it wrapped by the end of the year,” said Sanguine, who praised the clever twists in the story.

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