Music Theater International launches social media marketing kits

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Music Theater International launches social media marketing kits

Developed by Subplot Studio, the kits help schools and theaters promote their productions with customizable graphics and content designed specifically for social media platforms.

Theater licensor Music Theater International has added the Social Media Marketing Kits to its list of resources available to schools and theaters producing MTI musicals. The packages, developed by Subplot Studio, include customizable graphics and content created to promote MTI-licensed productions on social media platforms, as well as a social media strategy guide, promotion calendar, and more.

At launch, the kits are available for productions of Anne JR., Annie CHILDREN, Anne, In the woods, Seussical JR., Shrek the Musical JR., Shrek the Musical, JR sister act., sister act, Something rotten!and Willy Wonka JR by Roald Dahl.with more shows on the way.

“MTI offered Subplot’s Social Media Marketing Kits for the All together now! event, which took place in November 2021,” shares MTI Chief Marketing Officer Jason Cocovinis. “The event brought together over 2,500 organizations who submitted a free review of MTI songs, and the response from bands who have used the kits to promote their show has been overwhelmingly positive. We knew this was a great resource to come up with for our licensed musicals.

“We’re excited to be working with our friends at Subplot Studio to launch these social media marketing kits,” adds John Prignano, COO and Director of Education and Development at MTI. “Our customers are already enthusiastic users of Subplot’s customizable posters and illustrations through MTI, and the Subplot team has brought their same creativity and expertise to this social media marketing product. Our customers have asked MTI help them take their social media marketing to the next level, and these kits are sure to have an impact.

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