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It’s been two weeks since the second season of Selena: the series premiered earlier this month. By now, many fans have already recounted the second half of the late singer’s story which has rekindled a slew of emotions from longtime fans and newbies alike. Nonetheless, fans have always appreciated the new information that has come to light. As the late singer’s career and untimely passing continued to unfold in the second season, a loving moment in the series stood out among fans; the origins of “No Me Queda Más”.

There was ecstatic shock when a young Beyoncé met the singer, loving family moments and of course sadness upon hearing “Dreaming of You”. What still remains, however, is the melancholy that, with each narrative, is the faint possibility of an alternate ending.

The fond memories of a cultural icon who felt like a member of the family haven’t ceased as dedicated fans actively keep her memory alive. Whether on Twitter or TIC Tac, the Queen of Tejano’s fan base has a lot of thoughts on the series.

For some, the series was another reason to relive the influential legacy of the late singer. But others criticized the adaptation, hoping it would give a more intimate look at the singer’s life. Comment around who can tell Selena’s story started to stand up as adoring fans wished to get to know her better; especially from the point of view of widowed husband Chris Perez.

“No Me Queda Más” hits different already, but fans can’t get over the song’s backstory.

In one scene from episode six, Selena (Christian Serratos) is in the studio recording the bolero as songwriter Ricky Vela (Hunter Reese Peña) and her sister Suzette (Noemi Gonzalez) watch her. Vela’s face is visibly dark, although he tries to remain stoic as Selena continues to sing.

Tenderly, a newly married Suzette puts her hand on his shoulder and congratulates him on the song. “Who knew you had it in you,” she told him. Heartbroken, a single tear falls down Vela’s cheek as he tries to smile.

Immediately, Selena realizes that an unconscious Suzette is leaving the studio. Singing with conviction, Selena looks with comfort at Vela who wipes away her tears as the lyrics reassure him.

Aside from Chris and Selena’s love story, other romantic feelings sprouted within the group.

Ricky Vela joined Selena y Los Dinos in 1985 as songwriter and keyboardist, having remained with the band until Selena’s death. At this time, he is recognized for having written or co-written some of Selena’s classic hits like “La Llamada”, “Fotos y Recuerdos” and “El Chico del Apartment 512”.

It was also confirmed by Abraham Quintanilla III, the father of Selena and Suzette, that Vela had feelings for Suzette. In a 1994 Billboard interview, Quintanilla referred to Vela as a “shy, introverted person.” Realizing Vela’s feelings for his daughter Quintanilla tried to get him to admit his feelings to her, but he did not.

“I know Ricky loved him because he would tell me,” Quintanilla told Billboard. “And I was joking with Ricky and like, ‘Hey, Ricky, do you like him? Talk to him!’ and he wouldn’t.

In 1993, Suzette married Bill Arriaga, whose 25th wedding anniversary she recently celebrated. The song, written in 1994, appeared on “Amor Prohibido”, Selena’s fourth studio album. At one point the song barely made it onto the album, but you can tell we’re all happier that it happened.

Fan reactions to “No Me Queda Más” were empathetic with Vela’s feelings.

Telling the story of unrequited love, “No Me Queda Más” is perhaps one of the most relatable songs for anyone who has been in a situation or in a friend zone. Sincere and sincere, the lyricism of the song perfectly sums up the emotional defeat and best wishes for that special someone.

As if the song weren’t emotional enough, it now hits differently as fans reacted to the scene on social media.

The scene also circulated on TikTok as fans shared their reactions to the scene’s reveal.

“For anyone who has had to stand by and watch a love like this get married or be happy with someone else hits hard,” commented kataritmaloca154. “I could NEVER hear this song the same way …” commented lizzzie91.

Some fans even praised the stage for the acting performances and the song’s English translation. “Congratulations to the translator who translated the lyrics but always made them poetic. I hate when translators take the emotion out of the music, so it’s literal, ”commented katisflipphone.

As if it couldn’t be sweeter, Vela continues to stay close to the Quintanilla family. Brb, go listen to the song for the billionth time and cry again!

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