Musical about the equal pay strike in Petersfield

THEATER LOVERS at Petersfield Festival Hall will have the chance to enjoy an ‘immersive theatrical experience’ – including a pre-show dinner – as part of the Petersfield Theater Group’s upcoming production of the uplifting musical Made in Dagenham.

The show, based on the 2010 film of the same name, tells the story of the struggle of women at Ford’s Dagenham factory for equal pay.

Their 1968 strike crippled the car giant and paved the way for the introduction of the Equal Pay Act 1970.

Although the story contains a serious message about inequality, the series is full of energy, fun and laughs, with great characters and stunning big numbers.

And the fun is heightened by the chance to try out the full 1968 experience.

Theater lovers will be welcomed into an authentic 1960s workers’ social club, with music from the era to get them in the mood, and there’s even a live cabaret after the show.

There will also be themed drinks at the bar, as well as cocktails created in homage to certain characters from the show.

They can book a pre-show dinner, with a menu covering 60s culinary fare – prawn cocktail, coq au vin and Black Forest cake – but, unlike 1968, special vegan and diet versions will also be available .

Robert Ingram, who runs the show’s bar and restaurant, said: “We want to create a truly authentic experience for our audience, giving them a taste of life in 1968, while adding to the fun of the musical. .”

The immersive experience is becoming a regular feature of PTG broadcasts.

When the band performed in Chicago in 2019, the bar and lobby of Festival Hall was transformed into a 1920s Chicago speakeasy, complete with cocktails and music from the era.

Made in Dagenham director John-Paul McCrohon said: “It’s a great story told in a really fun and approachable way.

“It’s fresh and irreverent, with really comedic scenes and very modern resonances.

“It’s entertaining, thought provoking and laughable, and it’s also fantastic music.

“Quite simply, I think it’s one of the best British musicals of recent years.”

Performances of Made in Dagenham run from 18-21 May and include a Saturday matinee.

Tickets for the show cost £16 for adults, £11 for children.

Tickets for the culinary ‘experience’ cost £15 per person, with £5 payable in advance, £10 a night.

Show tickets and dinner reservations are available online through the PTG ticketing website at

Or they can be purchased at One Tree Books in Lavant Street, Bambino Baby in the city center or at the Festival Hall booking office in the town hall.

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