Musicians Get A Chance To Get It Right On Music Reality Show ‘Take 1’

Producer Kim Hak-min, center, and K-pop duo Lee Chan-hyuk and Lee Soo-hyun on his left and right pose for a photo during the show’s local press event Netflix Korea’s original musical reality show “Take 1” at the Seongsu Branch Megabox in eastern Seoul on Thursday. [NEWS1]

If an artist only had one chance to sing one song and take the stage one last time, what would they choose to play?

This is the premise of Netflix Korea’s first-ever music reality show, “Take 1.”

Iconic musicians from their respective fields – Rain, AKMU, Mamamoo, Yim Jae-beom, Park Jung-hyun, Sumi Jo, You Hee-yul and Lena Park – put on performances worthy of mission impossible status to fulfill their unique mission . a dream performance of a lifetime, in one take, in real time. There is no redoing here.

“Take 1” is Netflix Korea’s first original musical reality show and is the first to be released, among all the platform’s unscripted Korean shows scheduled for the second half of this year.

“It all started with that spark of imagination where people often think of legendary performances or iconic songs by their favorite artists,” producer Kim Hak-min said at a local press event for the show at the branch. Megabox Seongsu in eastern Seoul. “I just changed that for the artist’s point of view: what would they want to sing and perform if they could only sing one song before they died? So started this crazy project where we create the stage for the artist for once and tear it down once it’s over.

Singer Rain picked up his 2008 song “Rainism” and made his stage none other than the Blue House, the former presidential compound that turned into a cultural complex earlier this year after President Yoon Suk-yeol moved the presidential office to Yongsan District in central Seoul.

K-pop duo AKMU picked up their 2021 song “AKMU” and a performance that involves airplanes, skydivers and 200 dancers on a field.

“My original plan was to play on the tarmac,” AKMU’s Lee Chan-hyuk said on the show. “Professional skydivers will jump and land on the tarmac, then [the camera] changes to 200 standing dancers, all wearing the same sunglasses. Then everything goes dark, like a blackout.

AKMU, who attended the event with producer Kim, applauded Netflix for letting them pull off their dream performance.

“I’ve always wanted to do so many things, and I like things to be extreme, unconventional,” said Lee Chan-hyuk. “But when I talk about what I want to do, usually everyone laughs and takes it as a joke. But when I told the show team my idea, their expressions turned somber, which meant they were taking it seriously. At the next meeting, [Kim] started with the words “I looked in the tarmac…” and that’s all it took. I was inside. I was touched that they really try to turn my ideas into reality.

Kim also spoke about the appearance of You Hee-yul, a popular singer-songwriter, music producer and television personality who is currently off the grid in the entertainment industry due to alleged plagiarism issues regarding some of his music in June.

“All filming wrapped in March,” Kim said. “I want to point out that he did not appear on the show after the [alleged] controversial. This is a project that countless employees, artists and crew members have participated in and filmed, and there is a limit to [taking You out] just because of the problem.

“Take 1” hits Netflix on Friday.

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