Nazarena Velez recounts her experience with Luis Miguel

Without a doubt, Luis Miguel is always in the headlines of all the media and in “LAM” he talks about the life of the Mexican singer, Nazarene Velez He admitted having had the opportunity to meet the musician and share an intimate encounter in Buenos Aires.

According Nazarene VelezThis happened in the mid-90s, at a time when Luis Miguel was selling pitches in Argentina. “I was with him too and he proposed to me,” the media said. And says where the singer kissed her.

Source: (Newquan Minutes)

As he told his story, Nazarene Velez He says he was in a relationship at the time: “I was 22, I was going out with Hernan Carey. I went to his room and I found out how he lived, but that didn’t interest me, I wanted to meet him. .

For her part, the “LAM” panelist revealed that she had come to see the musician through a producer who had also taken ten other girls to meet Sun of Mexico: “He asked you to eat in the room. Invited, he drank champagne and ate almonds. He was a very respectable gentleman. We had a meeting in a meeting as in a meeting, we were in a meeting. He suddenly said to you: ‘What is your name? How are you?’ And talked to each of us.

“I was alone with Luis Miguel.”

Although he didn’t spend the night of his dreams with the musician, Nazarene Velez He admitted that Luis Miguel had a perfume that was hard to forget and that he wore black: “The kiss between us happened when I was about to leave. “Don’t you want to be with me? He asked me. And I didn’t. He kissed me on the face. I left and regretted it very much.

Nazarena Vélez had her sister Jazmin. Recalled that

On one of LAM’s recent broadcasts, Nazarena Velez revealed that she was fighting with her sister when she passed away. “Did you know I was in a fight when Jazmin died?” And it seems to have stayed with me for the rest of my life. He fought me the night before, a normal sister fight, and the next day he was leaving the house, she loved me. Give him a kiss and I dodged it,” she said through tears.

“I still love you,” was the message Nazarena Velez dedicated to her sister Jazmin.

In this context, the media insisted: “I lived my whole life because it was not a serious fight and since then I will not sleep with anyone angry.”

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