New Music Releases This Week: Goyo, Prince Royce, Camila Cabello and More

Welcome to LATINA’s weekly roundup of the best new music releases. There’s a lot of inspirational posts this week, especially in time for Women’s History Month. First, the self-proclaimed “La Reina Del Combo” Goyo celebrates her Afro-Colombian roots with her debut album “En Letra De Otro”. Paopao, La Gabi, Aria Vega, Cami Da Baby and Villano Antillano team up for an all-female EP of reggaeton music. Then there’s Dominican DJ LASH, elevating local talent in his single “Sensaciones”.

Other versions also exude seductive confidence. Bachata idol Prince Royce is back with the rock-infused “Te Espero” featuring María Becerra. Next, former CNCO member Joel Deleōn intensifies his solo career with “Coco”, Colombian singer Feid finds a new rhythm in “Nieve”. Finally, Latina pop princess Camila Cabello gets Ed Sheeran on a cumbia in “Bam Bam.” Check out our full list below.

Goyo, album “En Letra De Otro”

After releasing his single “Na Na Na” Last week, Goyo released his first solo album “En Letra De Otro”. The Colombian singer and rapper covers many beloved classics. “I had the chance to create with works of art that have so much marked and influenced my life,” Goyo told LATINA. She puts a new reggaeton spin on Shakira’s “Antología.” “In this song, you can feel Shakira’s soul,” she adds. and the song showed that you can cross the limits. She is a dreamer and I admire her creativity.

Also noteworthy is Goyo’s cover of Tego Calderón’s “Pa Que Se Lo Gozen”, where she lays out new verses. “Hip-hop is a big inspiration to me, and when you do hip-hop, you have to approach it with your own journey and your own story,” she says. “With Tego’s permission, I went in and did my own parts.” Additionally, the album was released with an HBO special titled “En Letra De Otro”, where Goyo performs the songs while centering and celebrating his Afro-Colombian roots. “I believe it opens a door where more people can tell their stories,” she says. Goyo will be back with ChocQuibTown and a new single next month.

Prince Royce and Maria Becerra, “Te Espero”

After Romeo Santos to return to, this week the prince of bachata is back. Prince Royce has released his first new single of the year, “Te Espero”. He teamed up with “La Nena de Argentina” Maria Becerra. The sexy song opens with the Dominican-American star singing Cutting Crew’s “(I Just) Died In Your Arms Tonight.” “For this new song, I wanted to mix rock and pop with bachata,” Prince Royce told LATINA. “This synth intro to me is very nostalgic and timeless.” The way he blends 80s classic with bachata is seamless. Prince Royce and Becerra long for another night of passion together. “I like how [María’s] the voice is mysterious and dark,” he adds. “I knew his voice was going to give bachata a whole new flavor.” This collaboration is absolutely captivating. Prince Royce is hard at work on his next album while planning his next US tour. “I really want to represent bachata with this album, but try as many new things as possible and give it a new sound,” he says.

Paopao, La Gabi, Aria Vega, Cami Da Baby and Villano Antillano, EP “Hembrismo”

For Women’s History Month, independent Latin label RichMusic has released their first all-female EP, “Hembrismo.” The EP is directed and produced by RichMusic’s first female signatory, Paopao. The Puerto Rican singer has teamed up with other rising women in reggaeton, including La Gabi, Aria Vega, Cami Da Baby and Villano Antillano. The Latin Avengers join forces for the first single “Hebilla”, which they sing to live their best life. Next, Antillano, who identifies as transgender and non-binary, turns up the heat with her fiery rap verse. “It’s rare to see five different women come together to create something that’s uplifting and empowering and also fun,” Paopao noted on the PE. “We were able to bring this EP to life, combining our strengths and our individualities, to create something relatable, telling our stories the way we want to tell them.” “Hembrismo” includes six fiercer collabs where every woman gets her shine.

Feid, “Niev”

Feid is one of the rising stars of Colombian reggaeton. The Medellín native is known for co-writing hits for artists like J Balvin, Maluma, CNCO and Anitta. However, he has established himself as an artist in recent years. In his previous hits like “porfa” and “Chimbita“, Feid uses only Colombian slang in his lyrics. In “Nieve”, Ferxxo (as his fans affectionately call him) continues to take reggaeton to new places. He embraces a deep house sound throughout the track. . “[Producer] Sky started working on the beat, and as soon as I put the headphones on I knew I wanted to jump on this track because I was looking for something with that kind of vibe for my live show,” said Feid told LATINA. In a haunting performance, he sings about a relationship that left him cold. “It’s about a love that’s gone, and the lyrics are pretty much in the first person, asking someone why all of a sudden they conveniently appear when things are finally going well,” adds Feid. The seductive dance floor previews Feid’s upcoming album, its sequel to last year’s “Inter Shibuya – La Mafia.”

Joel Deleon, “Coco”

The artist, formerly known as Joel Pimentel, celebrated his 23rd birthday this week. After leaving Latin boy band CNCO last year, the Mexican-American singer changed his stage name to reflect his grandfather’s surname, Deleōn. Since appearing on CNCO, the world has seen Joel Deleon go from boy to man. His solo music reflects his more mature sound. In her second single, “Coco”, Deleōn compares her lover to a refreshing drink of coconut juice. “Put on that bikini I’m going to take off,” he sings in Spanish. Deleon becomes a fluid operator on tropical house beats. The breakdown is reminiscent of Drake’s “One Dance”. He finds his groove outside the CNCO with this sultry slice of Latino too-pop. Last October, he launched his solo career with “The culpawhich mixed Mexican sierreño music with Latin pop. Deleōn previewed a few songs from his upcoming album on Instagram recently, hinting that the upcoming release will be a diverse debut.

Camila Cabello and Ed Sheeran, “Bam Bam”

To celebrate her 25th birthday, Camila Cabello has released her new single, “Bam Bam”. The Cuban-Mexican pop star has teamed up with British singer Ed Sheeran for this refreshing collab. She continues to seamlessly mix elements of Latin music with pop music. Cabello takes Sheeran into a cumbia groove complete with pop-rock punch. His lyrics potentially evoke his recent breakup with Canadian singer Shawn Mendes. “I said I love you forever, but I just sold our house,” she sings as if she actually did last December. Cabello is down but not out, and as soon as the cumbia beat hits, she adds, “But I’m on my feet again.” Sheeran proves to be a great duet partner as he harmonizes with her on the Spanglish chorus. You can’t help but smile listening to this good bop. The song will be included on Cabello’s upcoming album, “Familia,” which will be released on April 8.

LASH, Martox and De La Vega, “Sensaciones”

Just in time for Dominican Independence Day last Sunday, the country’s leading DJ, LASH, released their new single “Sensaciones”. He teamed up with fellow Dominican duo Martox and rising Puerto Rican rapper De La Vega. LASH is known for mixing Caribbean beats from the Dominican Republic with elements of EDM. Likewise, Martox pushed the boundaries of Dominican dance music with their debut EP, “Se Siente Diferente” from last year. The Dominican acts form a dynamic duo that create a dreamy love song that beats with the heart of the island. In addition, Juan Martínez de Martox puts in an otherworldly performance that De La Vega adds an extra advantage. “My current vision is to continue bringing new flavors of sound into productions from the Latin world, but more specifically to collaborate with people from my home country, the Dominican Republic, to help elevate the sound and talent that comes out island,” LASH tells LATINA.

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