New musical choices: Kany García, Immasoul, Manuel Turizo and more

Welcome to LATINA’s weekly roundup of the best new music releases. This week’s list includes Kany García’s new album “El Amor Que Merecemos”. Mexican singer Immasoul teams up with rap star Kofi for the “Na Pa Ti” banger and Colombian singer Manuel Turizo arrives with a bop of bachata.

Also on the list, Mexican-American singer Blue Rojo drops the LGBTQ+ Pride anthem “Soy Tu Payaso Papi 3000” and Peruvian singer Diana Flores breaks out with “Nada Es Igual.” Argentinian singer TINI and Venezuelan artist Micro TDH show their vulnerable side through their new ballads, and Eladio Carrión teams up with Nicki Nicole for “Nota.” Check out the list below.

Kany Garcia, “El Amor Que Merecemos”

Kany García is back with his new album “El Amor Que Merecemos”. As one of the most nominated women in Latin Grammy Awards history, this 10-track album is sure to increase the number of nominations come fall. The album features the colorful and cathartic anthem “DPM” where García curses the negativity in his life. She also collaborates with other Latin music heavyweights like Spanish icon Alejandro Sanz in the beautifully vulnerable “Muero.” Rising Puerto Rican singer Jay Wheeler, known for his hit ‘La Curiosidad’, teams up with García for the dreamer”No Vuelvas.” Like Ricky Martin, García is also an openly queer artist who uses her platform to fight for LGBTQ+ rights in Puerto Rico.

Manuel Turizo, “La Bachata”

Manuel Turizo continues to tease his next album “2000”. As the Colombian idol told LATINA, the LP was inspired by his year of birth and the music of his childhood. “When I was little, I listened to everything. With this album, I want to show what Manuel Turizo dreamed of, what inspired me. I want people to know how I became the artist I am today. hui,” said Turizo. Along with reggaeton, the album will be his most diverse album to date with influences from mariachi, electronic, disco and reggae music.

For his new single “La Bachata”, he approaches the Dominican genre with a refined pop touch. About creating a bachata song, he added, “I’m really influenced by all types of music. I like to see where I can go next. I don’t like repeating myself. Turizo gives his finest vocal performance yet as his sultry vocals soar up the track. In the seductive bop, he sings that he’s struggling to get out of a relationship that still has a hold on him. The music video reflects his “2000” aesthetic with a portable CD player and fashions reminiscent of the era. He’s also brooding in his urban cowboy outfit. Turizo is very aware that people from all walks of life fall into his thirst traps on Instagram. As Pride Month approaches, he sent his best wishes to his fans in the LGBTQ+ community. “I hope you enjoy it and have fun celebrating because it’s your month. With Manuel Turizo you will always feel welcomed with open arms. My music has good energy, love and attention for everyone,” he said.

Immasoul and Kofi, “Na Pa Ti”

Immasoul continues to lead the Latin R&B movement while moving the genre to new places. For her new single “Na Pa Ti”, the Mexican singer has teamed up with Toronto rapper Kofi. Immasoul blends his sweet R&B sound with hard-hitting trap beats that slam like the days of DJ Mustard’s hip-hop bangers. “[The song] was born from the feeling of wanting to be with someone but at the same time not reconciling something functional with the emotion of mistrust and the empowerment of knowing how to say ‘enough’ and recognizing my own worth,” said Immasoul to LATINA. His soulful voice has a new kind of swagger with Kofi’s seductive rhymes in the mix. Immasoul looks gorgeous and fierce in the clip as she owns the space she is in.

Rojo Bleu, “Soy Tu Payaso Papi 3000”

After debuting at April’s Ceremony party in Mexico City, Blue Rojo continues to make waves with their music. As a gift for LGBTQ+ Pride Month, the Mexican-American singer released “Soy Tu Payaso Papi 3000.” He first released the fan-favorite song in 2020. The 3000 version features an updated synth-pop sound reminiscent of the eighties. The openly gay artist sings about his big crush on a guy who makes him act like a clown. “When we created ‘Solitario’ during the pandemic, there was an idea to evolve this song, but it didn’t make the album”, Blue Rojo wrote on Instagram. “Now we have decided to finish it and although the original [version] is forever unique, [the 3000 version] represents for me a new era of Blue Rojo.

Diana Flores and Skillbea, “Nada Es Igual”

Diana Flores continues to spread her wings as a solo artist. Before releasing her own music, the Peruvian singer-songwriter was the singer of punk bands like Kusama and Baby Steps. Last year she released her debut single “unseparatewhich saw her embrace a disco-pop sound. For her follow-up single “Nada Es Igual”, Flores teamed up with fellow Peruvian Skillbea. Flores’ producer, Marshall Did It Again, is at the helm – again – and he’s providing her with some sexy synth-pop sound. Flores and Skillbea exchange verses about a romance that turned their world upside down. This dreamy duet doubles as a club-ready love song. The music video for “Nada Es Igual” will be released on June 3 and it’s just as much a delight as this stellar collaboration.

TINI, “Carne y Hueso”

TINI is one of Argentina’s biggest pop stars doing a global crossover. Last year, she scored her biggest hit.”Mienteme” when she teamed up with fellow Argentine singer María Becerra. For her new single “Carne y Hueso,” she slows things down with a soaring ballad. TINI gives her most heartfelt performance as she sings about how she’s struggling to come out of a breakup. She brings that heartache to life in the music video which shows her walking with tears in her eyes. TINI goes through all the emotions and makes the pain palpable in her words. For a more upbeat bop, she also dropped the music video for her cumbia track”The Triple T.” TINI also features on Christina Aguilera’s new single “Sueltame» from his EP « La Tormenta ».

Eladio Carrion and Nicki Nicole, “Nota”

When LATINA met Eladio Carrión in Vibra Urbana, he expressed his excitement about having multiple collaborations with women in the future. “I have crazy songs with women! I’m very happy about that,” he said. The first of these collaborations has arrived. The Puerto Rican rapper has teamed up with Argentinian singer Nicki Nicole for his new single “Nota.” Over hip-hop beats with a jazz influence, Carrión and Nicole trade rhymes where they brag about their swaggering, slick rap flows. And rightly so, as they succeed with a knockout collab. Carrión has become a promising voice for Latin rap because of how well he can work his flow around any genre. “I just try to make music the way I like to make it and people like it, so that’s a blessing,” he added.

Micro TDH, “Quiero”

Micro TDH is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter from Mérida, Venezuela. It emerged through the country’s Latin trap scene, but has since branched out into other genres. When LATINA caught up with Micro TDH at Vibra Urbana, he said, “I don’t want to be locked into one genre. I like to show that I can do all types of music. For his latest single “Quiero”, Micro TDH re-recorded a freestyle rap he wrote when he was 16. Now 23, he sings the introspective lyrics with an enlightened soul. The beautifully heartfelt ballad shows a vulnerable side of Micro TDH’s artistry. He also recently released the music video for his awesome collab “In Soledad”, in which he assembles the Avengers of Venezuela with Big Soto, Jerry Di, ADSO and Akapellah.

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