New THE CHRISTMAS EXPRESS Musical to Debut at Theater For The New City

A robot. A cowgirl. The Christmas enclosure where Father Christmas and Mother Christmas reside. Christmas Creek, a border town at the North Pole. An aging Santa Claus and his famous rickety sleigh. An evil elf who has his own plans and a new high-speed sleigh in beta testing that works in starlight, a durable version of the old-fashioned sleigh through the ages.

These are just a few of the elements of The Christmas Express, a new musical presented by Crystal Field at the Theater for the New City from December 16 to 19. Tickets for this special, limited draw cost $ 18 / $ 15 for students and seniors

The Christmas Express, an entertaining and very welcome musical by Louis and Lightsey with a book by Claude Solnik, is a kind of encounter between Santa Claus and Star Wars that will certainly appeal to adults and children and to the child in all of us.

This contemporary Christmas musical follows Santa Claus and life on the Christmas precinct. Two elves develop a durable sled that runs in starlight – amid the shadow of doubt over the existing sled and questions about the new sled’s ability to do the job.

Matthew Lightsey is director, lyricist and composer and John Paul Louis is musical director and composer while Claude Solnik is writer. Melony Reyes is a director, Eugenia Rodriguez is a choreographer, Everett Clark is a costume designer and Mash Shugart is a lighting designer.

A team of talented artists includes Bryan Douglas as DJ Christmas, Keron Medina as Neil, Hannah Jane as Sharon, John Paul Louis as Santa Claus, Katie Ploetz as Emma Claus, Jack O’Connor as Rennick, Ansi Rodriguez as Elvin, Jessi Bushman as Snowboat and a featured dancer, Britlyn Bonham as a tour guide with Yurina Kogami and Torre Randel as the featured dancers.

“We wanted to do a contemporary Christmas show,” Lightsey said. “Classic Christmas shows take place every year and it’s awesome. ‘The Christmas Express’ is a fun and modern Christmas musical for the whole family with songs that range from rap to rock. We wanted to write a Christmas show for our generation. “

The Christmas Express is a beautifully written collaboration between the writing team of Louis and Lightsey and Claude Solnik, playwright in residence at the Theater for the New City. The show, very fashionable, transports us to a world where we work all year round to prepare for Christmas by delivering gifts at the speed of sound.

“Santa’s sleigh is getting a bit old, rusty and run down,” Solnik said. “There is a question of whether it will be able to do the trick or break down like an old snowblower. Two mechanically tilted elves decide to build a durable sled, but they struggle to convince Santa to try new technology. “

The Christmas Express, with the tradition of the holiday itself in play as new technology is tested, takes us to a world where Santa’s sleigh is soon seen as a spaceship kid with a sci-fi twist. rather than just magic.

He has to sail the sky every year, even as the reindeer themselves age and Santa Claus nears retirement.

“I wrote songs that I thought would match the characters, moments and emotions of the show,” Louis said. “It’s an adventure, a love story with a sci-fi twist and always a holiday spectacle. We want this to be a Christmas musical that you can see before the holidays, but that you can enjoy at any time of the year. “

The Christmas Express, the name of the new sleigh, brings to life creative and imaginative characters a bit like The Wizard of Oz, such as Snowbot the robot (Jessi Bushman), a cowgirl (Britlyn Bonham) from Christmas Creek and elves who do a lot of work in this winter wonderland where “Always Merry” is the motto.

“We want to write a great show with great music, so that people experience the joy of a new musical,” said Lightsey. “We are thrilled that such a talented cast brings this story and music to life. We don’t just want people to have happy holidays, we want them to have the chance to hear new music and enjoy a great show with a great story. “

The Christmas Express, Theater for the New City, 155 First Ave., (9th-10th Sts.), December 16-18 at 8 p.m. and December 19 at 3 p.m. Tix. $ 18 adults, $ 15 srs. & children. More information and tickets can be purchased on their website,

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