Nyorca exploded against Luis Miguel at ‘Celebrity House’

‘He sings for love and doesn’t practice it’: Nyorca blasted Luis Miguel at ‘Celebrity House’

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New YorkAnd Since before the start “House of Celebrities” He became one of the most controversial characters on the Telemundo reality show. This was one of the greatest examples of his arrival and The way he welcomed Laura Pozzowho didn’t want to address it at first.

With only a few days inside, the members talked about their personal lives and considered other topics as well. It was one of the most controversial cases A conversation about Luis Miguel.

It all started when Potro opened up the conversation about Luis Miguel And the importance of his career in Mexico, while emphasizing the fact that Brenda Zambrano is called Bad Bunny Best Singer.

What did Nyorca say about Luis Miguel?

in the middle of the conversation, New York He gave his opinion on the matter and admitted it Love Luis Miguel As a singer though, not as a person. “I love Luis MiguelI like romantic songs because it’s beautiful, I like to listen to his voice because it’s amazing, it’s “the voice”, he commented.

“But I don’t like him as a personI don’t like the way he treated women, or the legacy he left as a human being, as a family. I don’t like anything about him. He sings for love and doesn’t practice it. That’s my opinion. I’m not imposing it on anyone.

He later said that his opinion was supported by She is friends with Aracely Arámbula And she knows their romance, despite the comments about her against Miley Alonso And Potro himself.

Here you can see the moment:

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