ON THIS DAY OF 1916, the Brooklyn Daily Eagle reported: “WASHINGTON – President [Woodrow] Wilson is ready to appear before Congress tomorrow and make a statement on the Mexican situation. Although his speech is not final, we know that Mr. Wilson prepared the essential. The president is known to plan to establish a police zone in northern Mexico, with the aim of protecting the border and effectively preventing attacks on the American cities of Texas, Arizona and New Mexico. There is no intention at this time to seek a declaration of war from Congress, but the President may request that Congress approve the use of United States military forces to establish a police zone. This [President Venustiano] Carranza will submit to such a scheme is not believed here. Therefore, if a police zone is established and occupied by American troops, the ultimate effect will be, in the opinion of the military authorities here, a series of clashes with Mexican troops, which will ultimately lead to a war of mass between the two countries.


ON THIS DAY OF 1919, the Eagle reported: “VERSAILLES (AP) – The world war officially ended today with the signing of the peace treaty with Germany. The period meeting in the Hall of Mirrors began at 3.10 p.m. and the German delegates, the first to sign, affixed their signatures at 3.12 p.m. and 3.13 p.m., respectively. They were followed by American delegates, led by the president [Woodrow] Wilson, then by the plenipotentiaries of Great Britain, France, Italy and Japan. The representatives of the minor powers signed in alphabetical order. Chinese delegates did not attend the session, refusing to sign the treaty because they were not allowed to make reservations. General Jan Christian Smuts, one of the delegates representing the Union of South Africa, signed the treaty under protest. He opposed some territorial settlements, making a long statement. General Smuts declared that the stipulated indemnities could not be accepted without seriously undermining the industrial renewal of Europe. He declared that it would be in the interest of the Allied Powers to make the stipulations more tolerable and more moderate.


ON THIS DAY OF 1939, the Eagle reported: “Thirteen members of the 1927 Yankees Championship team, called by many the greatest baseball team of all time, accepted invitations to participate in ‘Lou Gehrig Day’ on July 4 at Yankee Stadium. They are Wally Pipp, first baseman whom Gehrig replaced; Bob Shawkey, Tony Lazzeri, Mark Koenig, Joe Dugan, Bob Meusel, Wally Schang, Waite Hoyt, Herb Pennock, Babe Ruth, Benny Bengough, Earle Combs and Everett Scott.


ON THIS DAY OF 1953, the Eagle reported: “City council chairman Rudolph Halley sniffed out three other serious candidates – the mayor [Vincent] Impellitteri, District Attorney Miles F. McDonald and Representative Franklin D. Roosevelt Jr. – in 40,595 votes Brooklyn eagle Survey at the town hall. The survey was conducted last week among the 75,000 home readers of this newspaper. These represent a little more than half of Eaglethe total daily broadcast of. It is believed to have included several times the number of people that a similar public opinion poll has never polled. County Judge Samuel S. Leibowitz was fifth and Manhattan District Attorney Frank S. Hogan sixth in the poll which included 13 candidates plus space for a writing. A total of 244 additional names were registered. The largest number of written ballots went to construction coordinator Robert Moses with 84 votes, followed by the Borough President. [John] Cashmore with 49 votes. The four strongest candidates, as the results of the secret ballot show, were considerably ahead of the rest of the field. Out of a total of 40,595 votes cast, these four men are as follows: Halley, 6,577; Impellitteri, 6014; McDonald, 5,962; and Roosevelt, 5,196. The figures for the other candidates are: Leibowitz, 3,764; Hogan, 3,227; Manhattan Borough President Robert F. Wagner Jr., 1,871; W. Averell Harriman, 1733; Manhattan Postmaster Harold Riegelman, 1214; Manhattan Supreme Court Presiding Judge David W. Peck, 1157; Supreme Court Justice Henry L. Ughetta, 1,132; Representative Jacob K. Javits, 1129; and Controller Lazare Joseph, 1058. “



Mel brooks
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Kathy bates
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REMARKABLE PEOPLE BORN THIS DAY include the Oscar winner Mel brooks, who was born in Brooklyn in 1926; Super Bowl V MVP Chuck howley, who was born in 1936; actor and impressionist John byner, who was born in 1938; former defense secretary Leon Panetta, who was born in 1938; former New York Yankees pitcher Al downing, who was born in 1941; The star of the “X-Men” Bruce davison, who was born in 1946; Oscar winner Kathy bates, who was born in 1948; Star of “Star Trek: First Contact” Alice krige, who was born in 1954; Professional Football Hall of Fame John elway, who was born in 1960; former major league first baseman Marc Grace, who was born in 1964; Star “A Kind of Wonderful” Marie Stuart Masterson, who was born in 1966; “Ally McBeal” Star Gil bellows, who was born in 1967; Star of “All in the family” Danielle Brisebois, who was born in Brooklyn in 1969; contractor Elon musk, who was born in 1971; singer and actress Kellie pickler, who was born in 1986; and guard of the Washington Wizards Bradley Beal, who was born in 1993.

Elon musk
Duncan Hull / Wikimedia Commons


DEADLY DAY: Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and his wife Sophie were assassinated in Sarajevo on this day in 1914. The assassination is considered to be the immediate cause of WWI. The Treaty of Versailles, which ended the war, was signed in 1919 on the fifth anniversary of their deaths.


DEFENDING: The Stonewall riot began that day in 1969. Early in the morning, patrons of a gay bar, the Stonewall Inn in Manhattan, revolted after a police raid on the club. The riot was followed by days of protests. He is recognized today as the beginning of the gay liberation movement.


Special thanks to the Chase’s Calendar of Events and the Brooklyn Public Library.


“Humor is just another defense against the universe.”
– Mel Brooks, born in Brooklyn that day in 1926

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