Only Murders in the Building Characters as Selena Gomez Songs

Fresh off the premiere of Only murders in the building season 2 (available on Hulu and Disney+), Selena Gomez revealed to Billboard that she is balancing her career as an actress and executive producer on the show while working on her next album in Los Angeles. Gomez’s musical career has evolved with her, and her latest album, Revelationwas nominated for Best Latin Pop Album at the 2022 Grammy Awards.

Selena’s catalog of music includes songs centered on love, lust and heartbreak, often told from a point of view not unlike that of her character Mabel Mora in Only murders in the building. The emotions and complex situations depicted by his lyrics are directly related to the experiences of the series’ main characters.


ten Detective Williams – Round & Round

Detective Williams at his desk in Only Murders In The Building.

At first, Detective Williams readily accepts Tim Kono’s death as an open and closed case of suicide. But when his wife informs him of some new details that were mentioned on the OMITB podcast, she begins to question everything. Although she wants to help Charles, Oliver and Mabel, Detective Williams must remain impartial.

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Selena’s song “Round & Round” depicts two people who never get anywhere because they “will never stop going in circles”, with the same endless conversation. Even after Detective Williams helps the podcasters with the Tim Kono case, she must remain loyal to the NYPD, as her partner asks the trio a series of questions regarding Bunny’s murder in the Season 2 premiere.

9 Bunny Folger – Same Old Love

Bunny Folger in Only Murders in the Building

The third episode of Season 2 revealed that Bunny Folger was enjoying his “Same Old” routine and friendly banter with Uma, until the day he died. Previously, she told Oliver to “get his stuff and go”, but in the end, Bunny showed her gratitude to Charles, Mabel, and even Oliver for saving the Arconia.

Bunny’s murder was one of the best preparations for OMIT season 2 and its final day provided new information and new suspects. As she struggled to say her last words to Mabel, it was probably one of Bunny’s last thoughts regarding her killer, “You left in peace, you left me in pieces…too hard to breathe.”

8 Oliver Putnam – Tell Me Something I Don’t Know

Oliver smiling in Only Murders in the Building

After tragedy strikes one of Oliver’s Broadway shows, he still has the courage to move on with his life and pursue new projects, like the Only murders in the building podcast, and any subsequent opportunities it may provide in the future. Despite everyone telling him he doesn’t belong in show business, Oliver doesn’t want to give up.

In “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know”, Selena sings about people who tried to discourage her at first with the lyrics, “I hear it all the time, ‘I’m never gonna count much’, but they’ll never change my mind.” The same booming optimism and determination to succeed can be found in Oliver.

seven Teddy Dimas – Ring

Desperate for any form of income, Oliver goes to his old friend Teddy to ask for a major investment in the OMITB podcast. Teddy is thrilled with his sponsorship deal after mention of the podcast on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Even though Teddy was hiding dark secrets, he had the wannabe sleuths right where he wanted them, “like puppets on a string.”

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The Dimas family had a lucrative grave-robbing business for decades, and one item in particular, an emerald cocktail ring, was stolen by Mabel’s friend Zoe, ultimately costing Zoe her life. . When Teddy thinks the trio are “doing way too much”, he thinks his sponsorship will dissuade them from reporting him because he has them “wrapped around his finger like a ring”.

6 Tim Kono – We don’t talk anymore

Tim telling Mabel to ignore him in public, in Only Murders In The Building.

After Tim Kono is threatened by Teddy Dimas and forced to hide the truth about Zoe’s death, he decides to keep his distance from Mabel, in order to protect them both. Staying away from her was easy when she wasn’t living at The Arconia, but when she moved into her aunt’s apartment, Tim made it clear, “We don’t talk anymore.”

This duet could easily be a conversation between Mabel and a post-mortem Tim. “There must be a good reason why you left,” sounds like Mabel rationalizing Tim’s death. After Mabel discovers Tim’s killer, her ghost replies, “I just heard you found the one you were looking for”, and he clarifies that “it wasn’t me”, which reaffirms that the death of Tim was murder, not suicide.

5 Jan – Kill Them With Kindness

Jan smiling in the elevator in Only Murders in the Building

Her sweet smile and unassuming dedication to the bassoon made Jan seem harmless. But Jan must have taken Selena’s advice a little too literally when she heard the song “Kill ‘Em With Kindness.”

The lyrics of Selena’s hit practically lay out a blueprint for Jan’s nefarious plans and her inevitable demise, with lines like “your lies are bullets, your mouth is a gun”, which matches how Jan has staged Tim’s suicide and “put out the fire”. before it bursts into flames”, which predicts that Oliver and Mabel would have to stop the gas leak before Jan lights The Arconia on fire.

4 Charles Hayden-Savage – The Heart Wants What It Wants

Charles watches Jan offscreen in Only Murders In The Building.

Charles hasn’t had much luck in love, so when he met someone who laughed at his jokes, he thought he had something special. Despite his good judgment in most cases, Charles was blindsided by Jan’s lies and her desire to have a successful relationship. Yet he couldn’t fight it because “The heart wants what it wants”.

Selena’s song describes a toxic relationship, where the victim can’t bring themselves to end things. After Charles ignores Oliver and Mabel’s suspicions about Jan, “Keep your advice because I won’t hear”, Jan literally poisons Charles, which makes him “tense, a little fuzzy”. It was one of “a million reasons why” Charles needed to end his relationship with Jan.

3 Oscar – Back to You

Selena Gomez and Aaron Dominguez smiling on Only Murders In The Building.

In a flashback, Oscar comments on how beautiful Mabel looks, even though she’s standing next to his girlfriend, Zoe. Oscar tries to go back on his words, but it was clear he loved Mabel. Oscar spent a decade in jail, probably thinking of Mabel with the same longing described in Selena’s song, “Back To You.”

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The way Oscar looks at Mabel says it all: “You’re stuck in my head, and I can’t get you out. If I could do it all over again, I know I’d come back to you.” Their relationship might be considered taboo due to their past with Zoe, but the chemistry between Mabel and Oscar is undeniable, which is why it should be explored more in the second season.

2 Mabel Mora – Revival

Mabel in a yellow coat smiling in Only Murders In The Building.

At a young age, Mabel tragically lost her friend Zoe, and shortly after returning to The Arconia, her former friend Tim was murdered. After solving both murders, Mabel felt like her life changed until she reunited with Bunny moments before her untimely death. In the second season, Mabel is in desperate need of a fresh start or a “Revival”.

Mabel begins to feel like “the chains around me are finally breaking” and that she has been “on self-catering”, much like her aunt’s apartment. She meets a fellow artist named Alice, who opens up new opportunities for her. Mabel realizes that “what I have learned is so vital, more than just survival”, she wants to clear her name as becoming a professional artist will be her renewal.

1 Alice – Bad Liar

Alice and Mabel in Only Murders in the Building season 2

Alice is one of many suspicious characters introduced in the second season. She invites Mabel to join her art collective (which may or may not be a cult), and the pair instantly connect. Mabel and Alice bond over their struggle to overcome past trauma and their use of art as therapy.

Despite Mabel’s romance with Oscar in season one, she finds herself drawn to Alice and recognizes that this new woman “takes up a fraction” of her mind, much like in Selena’s song “Bad Liar.” Mabel might think that if Alice is “the art, I’ll be the paintbrush”, but as a new character and suspect, it’s more likely that Alice has secrets that Mabel hasn’t discovered yet.

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