Onondaga Co. sheriff’s deputy caught setting up neighbor’s car on Ring video

Update 2:10 p.m .: Onondaga County Sheriff’s Deputies confirm Sgt. Kevin Williams was issued a second degree harassment ticket, a violation, for straining his neighbor’s vehicle.

Clay, NY – An Onondaga County Sheriff’s sergeant was filmed on Friday morning trapping his neighbor’s car in a dead end in Clay.

The sergeant has been identified as Sgt. Kevin Williams, a custodial assistant, based on information from the neighbor and public records. Williams lives in the residence where the suspect vehicle was parked, according to neighbor Jonathan Maxim.

Sheriff’s deputies confirmed Williams was the culprit on Monday afternoon. Williams was fined for second degree harassment, a non-criminal violation.

“Sergeant Kevin Williams, 55, … a 22-year duty guard department sergeant, was caught with ring camera throwing an egg at his neighbor’s vehicle,” the sheriff’s statement read. .

Onondaga County Sheriff’s Sgt. Kevin Williams, as pictured in a video posted to the office’s public Facebook page.

Williams is working on training, both within the department and at the regional police academy, according to a short Facebook video posted a year ago.

The egging took place around 5:30 a.m. Friday on Plum Hollow Circle in Clay, in a subdivision on Wetzel Road.

Maxim, the neighbor, says he doesn’t know why the police pushed his vehicle. But he’s crazy.

“He’s a cop running throwing eggs at my car,” Maxim told Syracuse.com | The Post-Standard. “I want it exposed.”

Maxim, who owns a fleet of medical transport vans, has been living on the streets since 2005. He discovered the culprit after extracting video from his Doorbell Ring camera. The video did not show the driver, but Maxim recognized his neighbor’s truck. You can see the truck go by in the video below and hear an egg hitting the vehicle at 10-11 seconds.

Sheriff’s Office Immediately Opened An Investigation When Contacted By Maxim, Says Copy Of Complaint Obtained By Syracuse.com | The Post-Standard. In a Friday night confrontation between Williams and one of Maxim’s relatives, Williams admitted he had done so and said to “let the courts deal with it”, according to a second video recorded by the family. by Maxim.

The press release confirms that Williams admitted to boosting the vehicle.

Over the weekend, Maxim said he received a call from the sheriff’s office telling him the deputy would be charged with a violation, not a misdemeanor, as the egging caused no damage.

The sheriff’s office did not say whether the charge had an impact on Williams’ employment; an internal investigation is underway, according to the 13:42 press release.

According to what MPs told Maxim, the sergeant claimed he pushed Maxim’s vehicle because he was upset that Maxim’s transport vans were crowding the street, saying it made it difficult for the hunters to pass. snow.

Maxim does not accept this explanation, noting that the snow had been cleared at the time of the incident.

Writer Douglass Dowty can be contacted at [email protected] or 315-470-6070.

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