Paloma Cuevas and Luis Miguel are getting married, according to a Mexican journalist: “He already gave her the ring”

Habemus wedding in a few months. And all the way up! This is how he assures Gustavo Adolfo Infanta well-known journalist from Mexico: “There have been a lot of rumors lately, I can confirm that this week Luis Miguel gave the engagement ring to dove caves“He said this Friday on his show, First hand.

“They are planning a wedding in style, I don’t know if it’s because of the church or not, but it could be a wedding in Spain and another in Mexico. I can confirm that” he claimed.

Rumors of a possible engagement between the ex of Henry Ponce and the Sun of Mexico came to light a few weeks ago, when an anonymous netizen commented on the designer’s Instagram profile that she already had the engagement ring: “Luis Miguel gave the ring to Paloma. I can confirm it because I know, but she still hasn’t said yes. All of us friends knew it was platonic love, it was still her, and now she’s free. Paloma herself denied it and blamed it on identity theft.

This Friday, however, the rumor reappears in the form of news. Infante assures that Paloma said “yes” and that she is already planning a wedding with Luis Miguel. They have known each other for more than twenty years but it was a few years ago that their relationship became closer, because the singer would have contacted the businesswoman to offer her all her support after her divorce from Ponce. After several months of messages and calls, they began to see each other, very discreetly, in Miami, and this summer they spent several weeks in Madrid.

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