Piso 21’s “ El Amor En Tiempos Del Perreo ” enters the Top 10 Latin Pop Albums

“The pandemic was a totally different challenge that required each of us to finish the album at home,” says Pablo Mejía of the group. Billboard. “We each recorded vocals and guitars separately in our own home studios, and we were sending everything to Dim (David Escobar).”

“The hardest part of the whole album process was choosing which songs would be on the album out of so many good ones,” Lorduy continues. “We enjoyed the process, learning each day in each session from different producers and songwriters, but the main challenge was to make each song sound different.

The set was preceded by three songs on Latin Pop Airplay: “Una Vida Para Recordar”, with Myke Towers (pic # 15, September 2019); “Querida”, with Feid (n ° 12, August 2020); and “Más De La Una”, with Maluma, who culminates in 6th place in the current ranking. The latter is Piso 21’s highest charting title out of all Billboard Latin winners since “Déjala Que Vuelva”, with Manuel Turizo, in March 2018 (n ° 6).

“The truth is we make music for audiences and it fills us with joy and it’s exciting to know that music connects, does numbers and touches people,” Mejía adds. “We are very grateful for what we have, and we are very happy that our dreams are coming true, it is a huge blessing.”

The 16-track effort includes a multi-colored set of collaborators, from Maluma, Black Eyed Peas and Christian Nodal, to Myke Towers, De La Ghetto, Zion & Lennox, Lalo Ebratt, and more.

“‘El Amor En Los Tiempos Del Perreo’ is the song that currently defines Piso 21,” comments Pablo. perreo romantic slopes and slopes. Regarding the collaborations, we all admire them, they are artists that we respect and it is an honor to have them in our album.

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