Place Pee-Free Zone sign tool on stage for Brass Against opener

On the first night of their European tour in Copenhagen, Denmark, Tool placed a “no pee zone” sign on stage, pointing to their opening act Brass Against.

Literally and figuratively, the decision has unnerved the backing band, which last year sparked much controversy after singer Sophia Urista urinated on a consenting fan’s face onstage at the Welcome to Rockville festival. , mid Road.

Urista issued a personal apology after the incident and acknowledged that despite her penchant for pushing boundaries, she pushed it too far that day while making it clear that she was not a shock artist.

Still, it may have come as a bit of a shock that Tool decided to have a little fun at the expense of Brass Against, a rock collective that performs horn covers of popular rock and metal artists, including Tool. and Rage Against the Machine, among others. Or maybe it wasn’t so shocking at all – it’s the same band whose lead singer (Maynard James Keenan) sneakily traded Danny Carey’s drum mallet for a dildo sex toy during a show on Tool’s North American tour earlier this year.

The group seems to have taken the ribs in stride, as evidenced by Urista’s Download of the sign which has been taped to the floor and which reads: “NO PEE ZONE. No urine shall be deposited, placed, distributed, sprinkled, poured and/or spilled in this immediate area.”

Watch the panel below and keep scrolling to see Tool and Brass Against’s setlists on the European trek’s opening night.

Brass Against Setlist – April 23, 2022 in Copenhagen, Denmark (via

01. “Cochise” (Audioslave cover)
02. “Bulls on Parade” (Rage Against the Machine cover)
03. “Stinkfist” (Tool Cover)
04. “Shadow”
05. “Guerrilla Radio” (cover of Rage Against the Machine)
06. “Forty Six & 2” (tool cover)
07. “Killing in the Name” (Rage Against the Machine cover)

Tool Setlist — April 23, 2022 in Copenhagen, Denmark (via

01. “Inoculum of Fear”
02. “Opiates”
03. “The Pot”
04. “Push”
05. “Pneuma”
06. “The Grudge”
07. “Straight in Two”
08. “Descending”
09. “Prostitute with a Penis”
10. “Chocolate Chip Trip”
11. “Voice of Slaughter”
12. “Invincible”

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