RGV Sounds: Marco Antonio Solís Performs Solo Hits and Los Bukis in Edinburgh

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EDINBURGH, Texas (ValleyCentral) — A legendary Mexican singer performed for a huge audience at Bert Ogden Arena and delivered an energetic message of love while playing his greatest hits.

Marco Antonio SolIs brought his show to Edinburgh on Saturday playing songs from his solo catalog and Los Bukis hits. Solis formed Los Bukis in 1975 and achieved mass fame with the grupero group until they disbanded in 1996.

FloorIs gig was a grupero blast using only traditional band members combined with his approach to Latin pop that incorporates dancers and theatre.

Marco Antonio SolIs performs at the Bert Ogden Arena in Edinburgh (Picture: Nathaniel Puente ValleyCentral)

The show opened with an instrumental piece as dancers and musicians took center stage, in the absence of Solis.

Towards the end of this opening sequence, SolItook the stage to thunderous applause. He smiled and waved to the crowd before launching into “No Puedo Olvidarla”, from his 2006 solo album. Trozos de Mi Alma, Vol. 2.

FloorIs signature smile and sultry voice had just about everyone swooning as he swung from song to song.

The first song of Los Bukis SolIs played was “Y Ahora Te Vas”, taken from their 1988 album If Me Recuerdas. For this song, SolIsa donned a guitar and paid tribute to his former band.

As the show progressed, SolIs would take some time between songs to address the crowd. One of his constant messages was that love is the highest form of vibrational energy and everyone should take time to love themselves.

Solis also noted that music and concerts work as a perfect gateway for people to reflect love and energy on each other.

Marco Antonio SolIs performs at the Bert Ogden Arena in Edinburgh (Picture: Nathaniel Puente ValleyCentral)

Other Sol Solo SongsISongs performed included ‘Mas Que Tu Amigo’, ‘Si No Te Hubieras Ido’ and ‘La Venia Bendita’, while Los Bukis songs included ‘Yo Te Necesito’, ‘Tu Carcel’ and ‘Adonde Vas’.

Before playing “Tu Carcel”, SolIintroduced Eusebio “El Chivo” Cortez, the bassist of Los Bukis, to perform the song on stage and told the crowd how much he admired his bandmate.

In total, GroundIhis performed more than 20 songs and completed three encores. The Edinburgh crowd were left in awe as they watched the multi-billboard entertainer sing.

FloorIs stop in Edinburgh is part of his ‘Que Ganas de Verte’ tour.

His musical career began as a child in Michoacan, Mexico, and played in various bands with his cousin, Joel Solis. The duo then launched Los Bukis in the 1970s and released 16 critically acclaimed albums. The group has been nominated for several Grammy Awards during their 21-year career. Los Bukis reunited for a 2021 concert tour and performed to sold-out crowds in Texas, California and Mexico.

FloorIs remained in the spotlight during his solo career releasing 10 albums while being inducted into the Billboard Latin Music Hall of Fame.

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