Roberto Palazuelos exploded against Luis Miguel and ensured he already had his revenge ready


Roberto Palazuelos said he received a response from Luis Miguel’s brother.

Roberto Palazuelos confessed that he was upset by the way he was portrayed in Luis Miguel’s series. Source: (Instagram @intranews) Posted in ENTERTAINMENT on 11/21/21 & middot; 11:00

Roberto Palazuelos He was one of Luis Miguel’s closest friends, especially during his youth, so he knew it would appear in his bioseries that aired on Netflix, although he revealed that he didn’t expect to be portrayed from this way.

In the first This season, Palazuelos starred in a scene in which he informed the Mexican Sun about the relationship his girlfriend Mariana Yazbek had with Alejandro González Iñárritu, while Jorge Van Van was depicted as the friend who did that appreciate them, but did nothing. .

    Roberto Palazuelos exploded against Luis Miguel and ensured his revenge was ready

Luis Miguel’s friends were featured in the series. Source: (Instagram @netflilatam)

Therefore, the two took advantage of their interview on the show “Pinky Promise” to give their impressions of the story, which disturbed Roberto Palazuelos, as it was presented as gossip, for which he received many reviews.

Will Roberto Palazuelo sue Luis Miguel?

Later, the businessman said he had given up on suing the singer because he spoke with Luis Miguel’s brother Alex, who assured him that it was all up to the writers, to add from drama to characters.

He later pointed out that he used his “Losing the Trial” show to get revenge on him. “Right now, on our show, we just gave Micky a gift, in a chapter. With love, you know, ”he said of what he did to make her feel what it was like to be defamed.

“Revenge is a dish you should always eat cold, you’ll see. So don’t miss out, ”Palazuelos said of & nbsp; a chapter he devoted to the artist, where he is expected to give more details about their friendship.

In addition, & nbsp; explained that when they asked him for explanations for his words, he would also use the same arguments he had given & nbsp; Alex, he was going to say that he has no contact with the writers of his space on Televisa, and that he only knew the director.

While “the donkey” Van Rankin joked with the idea of ​​suing him, and he was only embarrassed by the actors who were chosen to portray them because, according to him, they did not do justice to their appearance in their youth.


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