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On Saturday night at Webster Hall in San Francisco, members of the community gathered to experience Ukrainian culture and to show support for Ukrainians still suffering from Russian attacks.

In the Pacific Heights Event Hall, San Franciscans heard a singer perform a Ukrainian folk song. They also heard many reminders of the ongoing violence in the country the song is from.

“Our goal was to bring the Russian, Ukrainian and American community together and remind them that [this] the war is not over yet,” said Christine Ryss of San Francisco who helped organize the event.”

This arts, music and film event raised funds for a non-profit organization called You Are The Angel Foundation, which is actively involved in relief efforts in Ukraine, including supporting a children’s hospital in Kyiv. The event also featured the concept of a TV series called “Warfugees” which is based on stories of Ukrainian refugees.

Ukraine is currently facing the consequences of recent Russian strikes, which caused large-scale damage to the Ukrainian electricity grid.

Thousands of miles from Ukraine, participants in this event don their finery, hoping to raise funds and “feel the Ukrainian spirit”.

“Ukrainians are dedicated, they are strong, they are warriors, they will never give up and we do our best to support them,” said Alex Sher, a Los Angeles-based artist who has sold his underwater photographs for this relief effort. .

Sher grew up in Ukraine and moved to the United States in 1995. He has exhibited several works of art that reflect the lives of people in Ukraine who lost loved ones in the attacks.

San Carlos resident Yuliya Raquel also sold handmade accessories made by a woman she knows in Ukraine. Raquel is Ukrainian-American and moved to the Bay Area in 1991.

Handmade Ukrainian accessories for sale as part of a fundraiser in San Francisco to support the Ukrainian people. October 22, 2022. NBC Bay Area photo/ Alyssa Goard.

She explained that the woman who makes the accessories actually runs an orphanage where seven young children are housed in Ukraine.

“What we’re doing is fundraising so she can buy a van so she can evacuate her children if the Russians start bombing her area, which unfortunately becomes a really big risk right now.” , explained Raquel.

Raquel, like many other participants in this event, fears that Americans are tired of a war on the other side of the world and that they are stopping.

“We live in a country where we wake up, we go get our Starbucks our Peets everywhere and we don’t have bombs flying over their heads,” Raquel noted.

“Let’s just do something and stop thinking, ‘this doesn’t affect me,'” she added.

Attendees said they believe events like this are small ways to share the spirit of Ukrainian culture and remind us of the human toll of the ongoing attacks.

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