Scott Disick versus. Maluma, what we know about their “heated” feud

Maluma music icons and Scott disick let their fans feast on their passionate Twitter feud that no one expected. Colombian singer and star of keeping up with the Kardashians surprised the music and TV world when they started feuding on Twitter on July 6, 2021.

Get your popcorn ready as we dive deep into these two longtime friends’ passionate Twitter exchange – how it started and where it will lead their friendship. Scott Disick vs. Maluma – this is what we know about their “heated” feud.

ten Who is Maluma?

Born January 28, 1994, Maluma or Juan Luis Londono Arias is a singer and songwriter from Columbia. His music has been classified as a combination of different genres including pop, reggaeton, and Latin trap. His interest in songwriting started when he was still young and he started recording at the age of 16.

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During her first year of recording, her debut album (Magic) was released but only gained popularity in 2015, when it released the second album titled Pretty boy, dirty boy which opened windows of opportunity for him to collaborate with several artists. Maluma is now considered one of the most profitable Latin musicians, selling over 18 million records worldwide.

9 Who is Scott Disick?

Scott Disick is a socialite and media personality from America, born May 26, 1983. He is well known for his starring role as the lead actor on the popular reality TV show, keeping up with the Kardashians with its other fallout. His popularity on the reality TV show led to the birth of Flip it like Disick, a home-knocking down TV show that can be seen on E! Network. Besides being a TV personality, Scott Disick runs several businesses, such as the pioneer of a clothing brand named Without talent, created several vitamin companies and invested money in nightclubs.

8 How their quarrel started

Longtime friends Scott Disick and Maluma made headlines when their Twitter jokes went viral on July 6, 2021. Scott spilled first blood by tweeting “Wtf with this guy @maluma” with an emoji that wears a monocle.

This cryptic tweet left fans wondering what happened, justifying a post like this. Some fans were even asking for explanations from other admirers, while a considerable number of followers asked for the background behind the Twitter bombshell.

7 The heated exchange

Fans of Scott Disick and Maluma hadn’t even realized the problem yet when, Maluma sent in his response saying “What’s going on? You want to be me so badly you’re trying to take what is mine ?” and just when fans thought back-to-back trading was over, Scott Disick hit back by replying “@maluma I didn’t have to put in that much effort, get over yourself, you’re kidding.”

6 Before the quarrel began

Before the viral and passionate Twitter exchange of thoughts began, it can be seen on Scott Disick’s Instagram account that he shared a photo of him and Maluma spending time together in Miami. He captioned the post “Missin Miami”, which was then commented on by Maluma saying “Miss you too”.

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5 In the wings

Fan opinions were divided after Scott Disick and Maluma’s heated exchange became a trend on Twitter. Some followers were asking for a little more context to shed some light on what was going on in between, and some fans say it was just a publicity stunt for a music video starring Scott Disick. Some fans have even speculated that the two are considering launching a product partnership.

4 Dissect the problem

For many, it’s unclear exactly what sparked the seemingly surprising social media racketeering, but fans of Maluma and Scott Disick were definitely in shock as they’ve grown extremely close in recent times. the keeping up with the Kardashians The star was spotted spending most of her time in Miami with his 20-year-old girlfriend, Amelia Gray Hamlin, where Maluma is currently. Scott Disick even dyed his hair pink and also donned a blonde hairstyle that is similar to Maluma’s style preferences.

3 Music video chat

On July 5, 2021, an exclusive report was made public by the Algiers Journal saying Scott Disick and Eden Fines, an Israeli model, will star in the new music video created for Maluma. According to some reliable sources of information, Eden Fines flew to Miami to record some scenes from the music video project. Fines will play the role of a woman involved in a love triangle with Maluma and Scott Disick.

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2 Music video details

In the cinematic and emotional clip, Malumas stars as an ex-boyfriend who covets his ex-girlfriend who is played by Eden Fines, while she had a romantic date with Disick.

According to Maluma’s team during the press release, the Papi juancho star is back to singing heartbreaking songs, exposing her vulnerable side. The song’s lyrics are about a guy who only has the strength to call out, apologize, and tell his ex that he wants her when he’s drunk.

1 The conclusion

After the roller coaster of emotions, Maluma and Disick brought their fans to life, the former shared on his Instagram account on July 7, 2021, a photo of him and Disick with the caption “DEMAIN / MAÑANA 6 p.m. ET @Youtube” . Turns out their feud isn’t real after all, but a publicity stunt to promote Maluma’s new single and music video.

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