Shocking: Luis Miguel wanted Aracely Arámbula to leave everything to him

Aracely Arambula She is one of the most inviting actresses in the Mexican country who has not only shown that she has a great talent for acting but also for singing where she has conquered thousands of people with her beautiful voice. To this is added that the beautiful blonde was in a relationship with the singer Luis Miguelwith whom he had two children.

Reviewing his personal life and as we mentioned earlier, from 2005 to 2009 he was in a relationship with The sun of Mexico with whom he had two children. They are named Michael Yes Daniel respectively. Likewise, his father’s history with them is not very good, since the Aztec artist has repeatedly stated that he does not receive financial support, nor does he salute his children for his anniversary.

In the series of Luis Miguel the children that the famous singer had with the Mexican actress Aracely Arambula They do not appear in said TV strip. Aracely Arambula prohibits the use of his image and that of his children in this success of netflix but not with the intention of protecting her privacy, but because she is already preparing her own biography. Additionally, the actress said during the second season premiere that “I’m part of your life, not your business.”

Obviously, also taking into account the track record it has The sun of Mexico As for the infidelities, this time was no exception since after the birth of her second child various versions began to appear that Luis Miguel He had returned to the adventures of various clubs of Mexico Yes Miami.

To this was added that the actress Aracely Arambula She had made it very clear to her companion at the time that she was not going to stop acting to take care of her children at home. It didn’t go well with Mickey who thought the opposite for the beautiful Aracely. According to sources close to the couple, he heard that the beautiful blonde quit all her jobs to be a housewife and take care of her children. Given the personality of the Mexican actress and the infidelities of Luis Miguel everything ended in the worst possible way, so much so that today he has no contact with his two children.

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