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The end of Luis Miguel’s second season, the series, is on everyone’s lips, especially those that have been affected by the way they have been portrayed in fiction. Michelle Salas expressed annoyance at the way her personal life was portrayed , in addition to pointing out that she was sexualized in the final chapter of the plot. His mother, Stephanie Salasas well as his sister Camila valero and his grandmother, Sylvie Pasquel, took his defense through various messages on social networks. Now, several are wondering if they will take legal action, to which Stéphanie Salas replied that it was something that she did not want to address, but that she was evaluating it.

© @ michellesalasbStephanie Salas spoke out against what happened in the Netflix fiction, which violated the personal life of her daughter Michelle

“We weren’t expecting something like this and all of a sudden we’re talking and discussing this issue, even though we wouldn’t have wanted to, here we are,” the artist told the radio show. Todo para la mujer (Radio Fórmula). “We demonstrated yesterday with this disagreement, but everyone goes on with their lives. We do not see every day how we are going to proceed against this. On the contrary, we see how things go around this situation and if it is worth it, and if it is appropriate. Because we must also understand that when there is a production behind there are many factors that protect it, “he added.

Salas, who is the granddaughter of Silvia Pinal, added that she is advised on legal matters, but that it is her daughter Michelle who is responsible for making the decision whether or not to continue with Netflix production.

“Far from doing an unnecessary rollercoaster, we want to see where this all leads,” Stephanie added of the situation she and her daughter find themselves in, hinting that they are still weighing their options at this time.

Camila Valero, sister of Michelle Salas© @ _camilavaleroCamila, Michelle’s younger sister, also stood up for the model

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