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“Luis Miguel: the series” not only became the link between the singer and his fans, but also opened several wounds and revealed great secrets that revolved around the performer of “Guilty or not”.

In 2016, Netflix approached the Mexican singer about raising and lowering his life on the streaming platform stage, his controversial romances, friendships and even the tragic disappearance of Marcela Basteri.

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From the first installment we saw a Luis Miguel played by Diego Boneta full of parties, vices, women and many other things that were already in the public domain, and one of the things that caught our attention was his friends group.

“Bobby” was one of the characters that garnered the most attention in season number one, as he was “Micky’s” best friend and fans immediately confirmed that he was the actor and Mexican businessman, Roberto Palazuelos.

The role of “Bobby” has been one of the most criticized. Photo: Netflix.

According to the actor’s version, in “Luis Miguel: the series”, they left him very badly, because they called him talkative and resentful; Note that since the premiere of the series, the “Black Diamond” has displayed its position in front of the image we had of him.

The sweet revenge of Roberto Palazuelos

The 54-year-old actor was a guest on Karla Díaz’s “Pinky Promise” podcast and spoke about how he found out about the show and the “white slap” he once gave to his former friend.

“They gave me a madriza… I was doing a series in Spain and suddenly, one morning, a flood of insults started to reach me… in the series, they say that we are going to Yuri’s wedding…”

The celebrities have not been seen since their teenage years. Photo: IG / lmxmlm / robertopalazuelosbadeaux

It should be noted that in one of the episodes of the hit Netflix production, “Bobby” went with “Micky” to a singer’s wedding and told his friend that he had seen his girlfriend with his. former partner, who according to the entrepreneur has never passed.

“(Luis Miguel) tells me (in the series) ‘you’re ungrateful, I took you around the world’. “What will he take me to travel the world!” It bothered me, it’s going away, “he said.

According to the account of the businessman, he coincided at one point with the brother of the “Sun”, Alejandro Basteri, and when he complained, “Alex” only told him that it was the fault of the writers, but everything indicates that the businessman has already taken letters in the case.

The “Black Diamonds” have bitter memories of the singer’s friendship. Photo: IG / robertopalazuelosbadeaux

“… But one thing I’m telling you, on our show (Losing Trial). We just left a gift for Micky in the last chapter. With love, “he warned.” Revenge is a dish that should always be eaten cold. ”

And it is that the “Black Diamond” assured that if the singer dares to tell him something about it, he would answer him in the same way as his brother: “It was the fault of the writers.”

Romance with Paulina Rubio

The native Acapulco businessman also shared something that very few people knew, as he ensured that in his youth he was very much in love with nothing more and nothing less than the “Golden Girl. “.

The “Tomorrow is Forever” actor shared with Karla Díaz that as a young man he had a strong crush on Paulina Rubio, so much so that he once recorded a cassette with his songs. favorite.

“… I was very much in love, I was very young and so instead of writing him a letter, I once recorded a tape for him,” said Palazuelos.

Later, the businessman’s heart broke when Paulina played the recording she gave him at a party for everyone.

“We were at a meal and all of a sudden they put it on the DJ and they put it on. And suddenly you hear… ‘Pau, I love you…’ ”, added Roberto.

The famous never went anywhere. Photo: IG / paulinarubio / robertopalazuelosbadeaux

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