Tales from the City: The Many Acts of Suzanne Vega | Music

Hooking you up with a soft yet soulful vocal, memorable choruses, and insightful lyrics that often sound autobiographical, Suzanne Vega is up there with a select roster of rockers who can take the mundane, small moments that happen over the course of music. a day and invest them with drama, meaning, double meanings and a sense of pain and joy in life.

Someone like Laura Nyro or Lou Reed comes to mind.

Kris Kristofferson (left to right), Victoria Williams, Suzanne Vega, Vin Scelsa and Lou Reed at The Bottom Line in 1994, photo Ebet Roberts

Tales from the City: Second Act by Suzanne Vega

Tales from the City: Second Act by Suzanne Vega

Vega and director Michael Tully on the set of lover, beloved; Bench Amy photo

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