The Best Christmas Carols Playlists on Spotify

There is so little left for Christmas to come that it seems like the Christmas spirit is starting to take hold of us and we even want to listen to some music related to these dates.

Christmas carols or carols are the most listened to on online music platforms this time of year, at least until the Three Kings pass.

Well, so you don’t have to search, we’re going to leave you with some of the best listings right now on Spotify, the quintessential music streaming app dedicated to Christmas carols.

We will be able to enjoy music that we can consider as Christmas classics with more current options, but with the same content for Christmas.

Christmas success

It’s the Official Spotify List for Christmas. You have over a hundred songs, all with a Christmas theme and where it is shown that we can alternate songs that we already consider to be classics with much more modern ones.

We can enjoy songs as famous as All I Want for Christmas is You by Mariah Carey, through Last Christmas by Wham !, not to mention much more current artists like Ariana Grande with her song Santa Tell Me.

Christmas dinner

This is a quiet music playlist, be with family or friends on Christmas or Christmas Eve and in which there are over 80 songs with over 4 hours of the best Christmas music.

In addition to most of the songs we told you about in the previous list, we also have established artists like John Legend and Kelly Clarksson and their song Baby, It’s Cold Outside, the great Frank Sinatra and the classic Let It Snow or Celine. Dion with Merry Christmas.

Christmas songs

For two and a half hours You can listen to Christmas carols from those we consider a lifetime, that’s why we sang when we were little and how much we loved them so much.

The fish of the river are not to be missed, The kings are coming, Happy by José Feliciano, Silent Night sung by Luis Miguel or Burrito Sabanero by Elvis Crespo. These are Christmas carols that we have all sung at some point, performed by these established artists or others such as Raphael, Manolo Escobar, Laura Pausini or the group of children Parchís, among many others.

Flamenco Christmas carols

Another way to experience Christmas carols with a different approach is to cover them up flamenco style, what’s happening in this Spotify playlist.

We have well-known songs such as Fish in the river, but sung by Lola Flores, El tambourine de Alazán or A Belén pastors performed by the unforgettable Camarón de la Isla.

The infinite number of totally dedicated flamenco artists in this Playlist of more than 3 hours is impressive, with artists of the stature of Niña Pastori, Raya Real. Los Chhunguitos, Diego El Cigala, Enrique Montoya, Rafael Farina or Peret.

Christmas Piano

This the piano is one of the best sounding instruments and that they bring more sensitivity, when we combine them with well known songs like Christmas themes, we can get real jewelry for our ears.

Well, this playlist contains Christmas carols and songs as famous as Bell on Bell, Silent Night, Hail Mary, Joy To The Word or Run Horse, but played with the piano to listen to them attentively and to be transported to the sensitivity that emanates from that. musical instrument or as the perfect background music for those days.

Latin christmas

Another great official Spotify list is Latin Christmas which is nothing more than a meeting latin artists make versions of Christmas carols, whether classic or even some of his own.

We are talking about great voices from the Latin scene such as the Eternal Celia Cruz with Jingle Bells, the unforgettable José Feliciano playing Merry Christmas, Prince Royce and My Favorite Gift, Sebastian Yatra with Santa Claus Coming to Town, Merry Christmas de Thalia or Blanca Navidad by Alejandro Fernández.

There are many more well-known Latin artists in the almost 100 songs that it has and its almost 6 hour duration.

Christmas rock

In what is the Rock also performed more than one Christmas songa, some of them that you have kept in mind for many years, because these dates do not go unnoticed for any type of musical genre

These are songs as well known as All I Want for Christmas Is You, this time performed by The Chemical Romance, I Won´t Be Home For Christmas by blink-182, Christmas by U2, Christmas All over again by Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers , Happy Xmas by John Lennon or Please Come Home for Christmas by Eagles.

Over a hundred songs and nearly six hours of the best Rock with Christmas accents to accompany you on the next vacation.

Spotify has over 200 million users worldwide. If you are not yet one of them and want to master Spotify like a pro, you can’t miss this step-by-step guide to streaming music.

Christmas pop

In this case, all we are going to find are pop artists singing christmas carols, something that will sound much better to younger people, since they are singers, the vast majority of whom are perfectly up to date.

We have Ariana Grande and her Father Christmas Tell Me, Sia with Santa’s Coming for Us, the song created by Ed Sheeran and Elton John for this Christmas called Merry Christmas, My Only Wish by Britney Spears, Cozy Little Christmas by Kety Perry, Justin Bieber’s Mistletoe, Oh! Santa by Mariah Carey, Ariana Grande and Jennifer Hudson or The Christmas Song by John Legend.

These current artists and others a little more classic are mixed in a really enticing Playlist with a lot of choice, since we are talking about more than 8 hours of music with more than 160 songs.

With all the listings we just saw, you’re going to have the whole Christmas covered very well with Christmas music and different genres with artists with dedicated careers and others who, although not taking that long. , have already had enormous success.

What is clear is that hardly any singer or band can resist having in their repertoire a classic Christmas song or one that mentions and deals with those very endearing dates which occupy the end of December and the beginning of January of each year. of our lives.

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