The book that Marcela Basteri read to Luis Miguel and appeared in the Netflix series


The life of Luis Miguel He’s been marked by different ups and downs and no one disputes it anymore, less after the premiere of the second season of his biopic series on Netflix. Centered on his role as a father and on the disappearance of his mother, Marcela Basteri, this second edition reflects the singer’s suffering long before he became the musical legend he is today.

Despite being one of the most iconic artists in the world, Luis Miguel He has always boasted of having a strictly private life away from the media. However, her serial-format biography reveals details that for years have only been kept in full rumors and, in addition, she also shows her more unknown sides, especially as a father with Michelle.

“Yesterday” was the title given to episode four which was one of the most moving for El Sol de México and his fans. Beyond showing the suffering of the performer for the health of Hugo López, she was also marked by the memory of Basteri and, in turn, by his first sentimental approach with his eldest daughter.

The rapprochement between Luis Miguel and Michelle Salas begins in this chapter. Photo: (Netflix)

Sophie, the mother of the then six-year-old girl, asks Luismi to take care of her daughter for a weekend and, reluctantly, he accepts, slowing down the recordings of his video “Yesterday” for spend more time with her. Once home, Michelle asks her father to read her a bedtime story and, in her innocence, the little girl chooses “The Adventures of Pinocchio” without knowing that it is the same story that her grandmother, Marcela, read to the singer when she was little. So much so that when Luis Miguel He opens the book and reads the dedication: “for you, my Sun” that his mother had written to him, he begins to awaken his true paternal instinct.

The most important moment for Luis Miguel. Photo: (Netflix)

So far, what the series is emitting is that the artist doesn’t really know what happened to Basteri, although everything seems to indicate that she is dead and buried in the house of Las Mantas, the place where Luisito Rey last received it. This is why, so much for Luis Miguel As for her family, as a result of this tape’s chronological history, Marcela’s emotions still surface.

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