The Community Theater of Paris presents ‘Plaza Follies: A Musical Revue’ this weekend

The “Plaza Follies: A Musical Revue” will be on stage this weekend, presented by Paris Community Theater and featuring some of by director Alaina Downing all the time favorite music scenes.

sabrina cooper

“It’s hard to say which parts are my favorites because the whole production is the culmination of some of my all-time favorite music scenes,” said Downing, who is also PCT’s co-artistic director.

Since childhood, “The Penzance Pirates” was one of Downing’s favourites. She has always dreamed of participating in it in one way or another.

“Kevin Wickersham is our Pirate King and really captures the spirit and panache of the character,” she said. “Grant Taylor plays our young Frederick and the beauty of his voice will take your breath away.”

michelle hobbs

While in eighth grade, Downing fell in love with “The Phantom of the Opera,” and has been obsessed with it ever since.

Michelle Hobbs will play the lead role, Christine. Downing says Hobbs “The superb soprano voice is exciting, beautiful and so refined. She is a shining star on stage.

After each rehearsal, Downing came away inspired and excited about what the cast continues to create.

“Everyone involved in the show adds their own unique quality that brings this production to life,” Downing said.

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The show will begin at 7:30 p.m. on Friday and Saturday (March 18 and 19), then at 2:30 p.m. on Sunday (March 20).

Tickets for the show are available by clicking hereor by contacting Ticket office of the Community Theater of Paris at 903-784-0259.

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