The connection between Cruz Azul and Luis Miguel you didn’t expect

Blue cross he was crowned champion of the last Mexican football tournament, thus causing the joy of the fans, who had not seen him victorious for 24 years. One of the most famous fans is the actor Eugene Derbez, who couldn’t avoid posting a video with his euphoric celebration. The truth is that the last championship he was a winner in happened in 1997 and that ties him in some way to Luis Miguel.

How Luis Miguel and Cruz Azul connect

Depending on what generation you are, you might not even remember what happened in 1997 when Cruz Azul was crowned Mexican soccer champion. The truth is that the last few years for the Mexico team have not been easy at all and this triumph has come as a sort of redemption for all the fans and even for the club.

And regarding the championship won by Cruz Azul at the end of the 90s, something very important was happening in Luis Miguel’s life. Incredibly, the team not only won the match yesterday, but also ended the second season of the del Sol series (and which by the way was renewed for the third and final season).

Somehow, in 1997, they also connected. It is that that year the Mexican singer launched Romances, one of his most important albums of his entire musical career. It was exactly on August 12 of that year that the performer released a unique album with classic and charming ballads such as Kiss me a lot, taste me, chained, among many others.

What other cultural events took place in 1997

Moreover, this unusual connection of dates between Luis Miguel and Cruz Azul that year, important things happened in the world. First, the first season of South Park, the famous Comedy Central series. On the other hand, after the release of Romances, he died Lady Di in a tragic traffic accident in the city of Paris, generating enormous unrest not only in the UK but all over the planet. In just a week, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, a great ally of Princess Diana, passes away.

Likewise, the Argentinian group Stereo Soda gives his last show at the Monumental Stadium, in the city of Buenos Aires. And as if that weren’t enough for the end of the year, one of cinema’s biggest hits will be released, Titanic.

The James Cameron-directed movie starring Kate Winslet and Leornado DiCaprio grossed over $ 28 million in just one week and continues to be among the highest grossing films in history today.

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