The difficult moment that Michelle Salas, daughter of Luis Miguel is living today

Michelle Salas, daughter of Luis Miguel, have a not so pleasant time at the start of 2022. In several posted on social networks that she is distraught in an emergency department after a great fear that was brought by a loved one.

In the hospital, Michelle is seen very sad and with her spirits on the floor. This is why Luis Miguel’s daughter asked all her fans to pray for her partner during this difficult time. As expected all his followers sent their messages of encouragement and he did not give up.

Source: Instagram Agency Mexico

In the positions of Instagram reads posts from Rooms: “I don’t find the solace or the inclination to pretend I’m okay when I’m destroyed inside. I am writing this from the clinic where he is being treated for a small tumor on his tongue that was discovered a few days ago. I’m still not sure what’s going to happen and what the options are “

“I still don’t want to lose my faith, there are times when I feel like I’ve collapsed into 1000 pieces. I only ask you to keep it in your prayers and ask for it, ”said the daughter of Luis Miguel about his dear friend Valentino.

Source: Instagram Agency Mexico

It is obvious that Michelle salas He has no consolation for what is happening to his kitten, with whom he has lived for 8 wonderful years. “He has been my life partner for 8 years, my best friend, the being I love the most. Sometimes you wonder why him? But God knows why he does things, ”the best-known girl continued in her writing. from Luis Miguel.

Source: Instagram Michelle Salas

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