The high school musical star doesn’t know what Disney is paying her

High School Musical: The Musical: Series star Joshua Bassett isn’t sure what Disney is paying him for the show — and he prefers it that way.

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series star Joshua Bassett reveals he doesn’t know how much Disney is paying him. Although it doesn’t have the long history of the MCU and Star Wars, the musical high school The show has been a consistent hit for Disney+ since its debut in November 2019. As a sign of the series’ strength, HSMTMTS Season 4 was renewed long before the third season even premiered. Much of the success of the premise, which follows East High students as they put together a musical production, has a lot to do with the strength of a cast that quickly took their roles.


HSMTMTS hit a number of young stars from the set. This is especially true of Bassett, who plays Ricky Bowen, and Olivia Rodrigo, who played the role of Nini Roberts. Leading the show for its first two seasons, the duo have seen rapid success and intense online interest in their upcoming projects and personal lives. But even though Bassett seems like a big part of HSMTMTS season 4, he says he’s not too worried about the franchise salary that turned him into stardom.

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According CNBCBassett doesn’t know how much he earns from his role as Ricky in musical high school. The actor explains that he prefers not to know and that the decision was influenced by his past experiences of not having money in his bank account. Unless it’s an emergency, the actor would rather stay in the dark. You can read Bassett’s quote below.

“I still don’t know how much money I make for ‘High School Musical.’ worry let me know I lived in my car with negative 1 dollar in my bank account so I saw both sides of the coin and chose not to let that dictate the way I live my life.

Bassett explains elsewhere in his remarks that he has no problem turning down a potentially lucrative film offer if it’s not a project he’s passionate about, preferring to focus on his music career. These two revelations, as honest as they are, go in the direction of the musical high school lead communicated on deeply personal topics. In the past, Bassett has explained that he nearly died of heart failure in part due to the intense emotional stress of being in the public eye and being the subject of online gossip.

Seen in this light, it’s understandable that he wants to take a relaxed view of his career and all that comes with it rather than delving into the details. At the same time, however, as his profile continues to grow and High School Musical: The Musical: The Series continues to be a profitable brand for Disney, the young star might want to rethink his hands-off approach. But at least for now, after a few years playing Ricky Bowen, Bassett seems happy not to focus on the lucrative side of the entertainment industry.

Source: CNBC

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