The incredible confusion caused by Juanpa Zurita, the actor of Luis Miguel, in the networks


Between 2018 and this year, Luis Miguel, the series, it went on to become one of Netflix’s biggest hits. The story, based precisely on the life of the singer who bears the name of the strip, featured the exclusive role of Diego Boneta, who was also accompanied by one of the influencers of the moment: Juanpa zurita.

Juanpa zurita, originally from Mexico City, is one of his country’s best-known internet celebrities and also combines his networking with modeling and acting. In fact, this versatility led him to be, in 2015, chosen as “Icon of the year”By the television channel MTV Latinoamericana and later, its passage by Luis Miguel, the series, has finished launching it towards international fame.

Juanpa Zurita. Photo: (Getty)

That’s why, at the moment, Zurita is one of the most famous artists in the world and his fan group keeps growing. And, this is the point of growth that he must, In the last few hours, he has managed to exceed 25 million followers on his personal Instagram account where, in addition, he broadcasts his YouTube videos and interacts with his followers.

However, so much reach led to Macarena Achaga’s current boyfriend being the target of a somewhat suspicious trending topic on Twitter. In the past few hours, the hashtag #QEPDJuanpaZurita has gone viral, scaring several fans who couldn’t understand why many netizens fired the performer as if he was dead.

One of Juanpa Zurita’s last Instagram posts.

In fact, several of the multifaceted adepts have asked someone to explain to them so as not to understand the situation being that, at the same time, Juanpa zurita he was traveling with his partner, Achaga. However, everything indicates that This trend was given as a joke in order to make her pay the money she collected for earthquake victims and that she never explained what she did with it as explained Internet user.

Anyway, you should know that this is not the first time that Juanpa zurita He is the victim of the famous “murders” which take place in the network of birds. In 2016, the hashtag #RIPJuanpaZurita also became a trend, causing concern among its followers, although on this occasion it was simply for April Fool’s Day.

Here is how the networks reacted to the “death” of Juanpa Zurita:

The subjects

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