The influence of hip hop on Latin pop artists

Whether you grew up listening entirely to hip-hop artists or Latin pop music, you can be sure you’ve enjoyed some of the most versatile, popular and unique types of music in the industry today. .

Each having their own personality and style, it’s hard to find common ground on which the two genres can be compared.

However, something interesting happened towards the end of the previous century, which later led to the emergence of a completely new type of music that combines the two in one!

So whether you’re a die-hard Jay-Z fan or you live for Shakira’s “Hips Don’t Lie,” keep reading this article if you want to learn more about these two amazing genres and what they’ve led to. today. Good reading!

where it all started

As you may already know, hip-hop is a new genre that emerged in the 1970s through the music of African Americans. It quickly became popular and represented the whole culture of black singers – their strength, their pain, their problems and their personal lives.

Although it was not initially celebrated by everyone and drew a lot of criticism, it slowly began to change the way the world viewed music and began to influence more artists, even those who belonged to other cultural backgrounds.

It was then that he also started to become more popular in the Latin community. Not only were they influenced, but they later contributed to the genre using their own musical compositions as well.

This is when the mixing of the two genres started to take place – from teenagers on the streets to successful artists like Jackpot, people were influenced and motivated by the music created by hip hop artists for change the way the world saw them and make a name for themselves in the world of music.

In fact, a long time ago, you might only be able to hear both hip-hop and Latin music in specific clubs, venues, or areas.

However, today Latin pop has become so popular that there are dedicated Latin nightclubs in America where people can go to listen to Latin and Latin pop music.

So if you ever feel like letting loose and enjoying some Latin beats, you have over 40 of the best Latin nightclubs in America to choose from, plus the chance to learn some Latin dance moves!

latin hip hop

Latin hip-hop was a kind of music that resembled the original hip-hop created by Latinos who lived in America when hip-hop was gaining popularity. By the 1980s and 1990s, Latin rap had become just as popular as hip hop and included a combination of two languages.

Soon, Latin artists like Mellow Man Ace were able to draw mainstream media attention to the brand new genre that had been created under the influence of hip-hop – Latin hip hop.

Latin pop music today

Today, Latin music is one of the most popular types of music among American youth. From the Super Bowl to Latin nightclubs in America, you can hear Latin pop almost anywhere.

Although today’s Latin pop music has little in common with the hip-hop music of the previous century, there are undeniable links between the two – as they both emerged around the same time, tackled the same issues and revolutionized the way the world viewed hip hop and Latin artists until then.

From Shakira, one of America’s most popular artists, to other incredible singers like Camilla Cabello, Latin pop sees new artists emerge every year and change the music industry, one song at a time.

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