The Iron Horse Theater presents a musical about a young woman who finds her way

AMBRIDGE — A youthful cast leads “The Mad Ones,” the off-Broadway hit presented by the Iron Horse Community Theater.

“‘The Mad Ones’ is an extremely written and composed contemporary musical about a young woman trying to navigate her way through the big decisions she faces as she grows older,” said director Josh Taylor-Martin. “The cast does an amazing job and I can’t wait to add the energy of the audience to this experience.”

Miralhi Taylor-Martin from Sewickley (director’s daughter) and Maya Anabella from Mount Lebanon star in the starring roles of Sam and Kelly.

“Watching the friendship and the challenges of the characters is a real roller coaster of emotions,” said director Taylor-Martin.

“I had seen some of the other work from this cast and couldn’t wait to walk into the rehearsal room with them,” he said. “So much talent on the Iron Horse stage − you’d have to be mad miss it.”

Rehearsal photo of "Crazypeople," the latest production staged by Iron Horse Community Theater in Ambridge.

A plot synopsis of Iron Horse founder London Cain:

18-year-old Samantha Brown sits in a used car with the keys clutched in her hand. Caught between a yearning for the unknown and a feeling bound by expectation, she telescopes herself into a time before her world came to an end. breaks down As she relives her senior year, we meet Sam’s well-meaning mother, Bev (Janaya Daniele from Williamsport) and her high school boyfriend, Adam (Max Peluso from Sewickley), but she’s her best friend painfully alive, Kelly, who haunts her. Kelly was everything Sam isn’t – brash and daring. She pushed Sam to break the rules and do the unexpected.”

In the end, Sam must make a decision: will she follow her mother’s dreams for her, or will she find the courage to walk away from her friends and family towards a future she doesn’t can imagine?

“The role of Sam is complex and requires a lot of stamina,” said Taylor-Martin, the actress playing the role. “It’s a role that I know for sure I couldn’t have played at this time last year. I love her development as a person and she will always be a character close to my heart because she really values and probably overwhelms everyone’s decision.”

Cast member Anabella said: “This show is about heavy subject matter and the relationships are so specific, and that’s one of the problems with acting: how are you supposed to feel so close to a stranger? But with this casting, it was so easy. All of us instantly clicked and found solace in each other.”

The dates of the shows are August 12-13, 19-21 and 26-27. All show times begin at 7:30 p.m., except Sunday Matinee August 21 at 2 p.m.

Tickets are $20; $18 for seniors (64+) and students, available in advance at

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rehearsal photo for "Crazypeople," a new play staged at the Iron Horse Community Theatre.

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