“The Masked Singer” National Tour Arrives in Evansville

If you enjoy watching “The Masked Singer” on FOX, you will have the chance to see it live in Evansville in 2022!

When “The Masked Singer” came out in 2019, I remember seeing the commercials and thinking “that sounds weird”, but I was strangely intrigued by it. So I watched the first episode and got hooked! It’s one of those shows that you can’t help but watch because of the mystery factor. You have to keep watching because you want to know who is behind this mask! Sometimes I have a pretty good idea of ​​who some of the singers are, other times I never would have guessed but one thing is for sure … this show has become a phenomenon and now they are taking the show on the road.

“The Masked Singer” National Tour Arrives in Evansville

The National Tour “The Masked Singer” will stop at the Old National Events Plaza in Evansville on May 31, 2022. Tickets for the tour will go on sale to the public on Wednesday November 3 on Ticketmaster.com or the Old National Events Plaza Box Office with several different package options. Some also include meetups and greetings.

What to expect on “The Masked Singer” Nationwide Tour in Evansville

According to the press release, you will be able to see your favorite characters from “The Masked Singer” during this live show for all ages, as well as surprise celebrity guests.

The live show from the nationwide tour THE MASKED SINGER will feature famous hosts from the TV show (to be announced at a later date), as well as a local celebrity on each show who will perform in a top secret disguise. . The audience will try to decipher the clues to guess the identity until the local celebrity is unmasked at the end of the night. The evening will feature the TV show’s fan favorite masked characters live on stage in an incredible production of song, dance and madness that only THE MASKED SINGER could deliver.

One thing is certain, I will not miss this show in 2022! If you are a fan of the show, you should also attend. You never know who is hiding behind the masks …

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