The mismanagement of Luis Miguel’s managers

In the biographical book Golden king They say that the break between Luis Mi and McCluskey it happened shortly after the death of Hugo: “Alex said in his time that he had been the victim of internal struggles in the middle of Luis Miguel for seizing the power of his representation, which unfairly accused him of being responsible for certain accounts that do not balance ”.

Alex McCluskey in fiction.

Sun he stopped paying him and the Argentinian sued him. “The situation caused the departure of the Argentinian businessman after a very lively discussion, an unfriendly departure”, we read in the singer’s biography.

Its next director was Mauricio Abaroa, who worked with him in 1994, when the album was released Second romance. According to his biographers, Abaroa He resigned two years later. “The reason is very simple: to devote all my time to my family,” the book reads.

Patricio Robles plans to withdraw money from Luis Miguel’s personal account to pay for his tour.

The series places here the moment when its fictitious manager, Patricio robles, decides to withdraw from the personal account of Luis Miguel the millions of dollars it took to pay for his world tour, while the company of management I was already in the red and couldn’t afford one more expense.

The company followed Gallin-Morey Associates, who had led the careers of artists such as Michael jackson. After that Alexandre Asensi, was his manager for 10 years and with whom he founded, in 1997, the music production company Lions Companies based in Los Angeles.

Alexandre asensi
Alejandro Asensi was Luis Miguel’s representative for 10 years, but they have known each other since they were children. Of Spanish origin, this man was the person ‘El Sol’ trusted the most.

Biographers claim that this society was “a money-making machine; through it, revenues from tours, record productions, record sales and events were channeled. Only for each tour, the companies of Luis Miguel they could reach a turnover of about $ 50 million, depending on the length of the tour … “According to biographers, 10% of these profits went to the account of Asensi.

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