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Micky calls Tony a stepmother and Jaime calls him uncle, nicknames that aren’t exaggerated at all, because in reality Luis Miguel He had a very close relationship, for many years, with the Camil family.

Tony Starr and Jaime Camil papa reappear in Luis Miguel, the series. (Screenshot.)

“Sun” had a close relationship with them since he was a child because King Luisito he was very friends with Jaime Camil and he was really like an uncle to him. In the biographical book Oro de Rey, it is said that the businessman was never content to lend him money, his plane or give him the warmth of home which Micky he always dreamed.

The Camils ​​(Erika, James Yes Tony starr), for example, went to Barcelona to accompany him to the funeral of Luisito Rey. Their relationship was so familiar that they even lived in the same housing estate in Acapulco, on Guitarrón beach.

The Camils ​​continued the relationship with Micky even after the relationship with Erika ended. (Courtesy of Netflix.)

At this moment, Jaime Camil son was also a good friend of Micky; They went clubbing together, they shared a taste for water sports, they had a great time. The relationship with the family Camil didn’t break when Micky definitively severed ties with King Luisito; they preferred to continue dating the two separately.

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Micky and the Camils ​​were so close that their relationship was also not affected when Micky and Erika broke up. The biographers of LuisMi they assure that they continued to meet even when he was already an official boyfriend of Daisy fuentes, who also lived a lot with the Camils.

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