The romance of Michelle Salas and Alejandro Asensi, Luis Miguel’s former manager


Thanks to Luis Miguel, the series has taught us more details about the lives of people close to the singer, including his daughter, Michelle salas with whom you have a distant relationship. In one of the penultimate chapters, the split between the former manager of “El Sol” and his firstborn was shown, but was there really a relationship between Michelle Salas and Alejandro Asensi?

In real life, Asensi was the manager of the performer of “The Unconditional” and was also her best friend, however, their friendship ended when he began a relationship with Salas.

Luis Miguel’s daughter, then 19, started a relationship with Asensi, 39, whom she met when she moved to live with her father in Los Angeles. According to Who, the couple tried to keep the courtship a secret, but it was impossible as they shared meals, went shopping, to the movies and had dates in public.

How long did Michelle Salas and Alejandro Asensi last?

Despite the fact that the controversy increased with the premiere of Luis Miguel’s second season, the series, but so far it is not clear exactly how long they were together or how long they maintained this romantic relationship, since they decided to do it in private and away from the media.

In March 2008, the El Centro newspaper published photos of Michelle and Alejandro in an affectionate demeanor, as well as emails in which Michelle confessed to being in love with Asensi.

However, everything indicates that the relationship between the daughter of Stéphanie Salas and her former manager has bothered Luis Miguel, so he did not hesitate to separate them.

Are Luis Miguel and Alejandro Asensi friends after the controversial relationship?

After his separation, Asensi moved to Miami and Buenos Aires, where he has residences and continued to devote himself to the world of entertainment, no longer as a manager but as an entrepreneur and producer.

While Salas, currently 31, is devoted to modeling and after his relationship with Asensi, he had a romantic relationship with businessmen and famous personalities such as Diego Boneta and Danilo Díaz Granados.

Michelle Salas and Alejandro Asensi’s relationship gained attention again after Luis Miguel’s second season, the series. Have you ever seen it? The news of the truth wants to know your opinion, leave us your comments.

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