The second season of the current series – Deadline

Netflix and MGM’s Gato Grande are underway for the second season of the popular Spanish-language show Luis Miguel: the series about the Mexican superstar singer. Filming had been delayed earlier this year due to the pandemic.

Actors joining the series include Macarena Achaga as Michelle, Fernando Guallar as Mauricio Ambrosi, Pablo Cruz Guerrero as Patricio Robles, Juan Ignacio Cane as José Pérez, Teresa Ruiz as Azucena, Valery Sais in young Michelle and Axel Llunas in young Sergio Basteri.

They join Diego Boneta, Camila Sodi, Cesar Bordon, Juan Pablo Zurita, Cesar Santana, Martin Bello, Lola Casamayor, Pilar Santacruz, Kevin Holt and Gabriel Nuncio, previously announced.

The story, told in two different timelines, will explore the difficulties of reconciling family life and the singer’s professional life. It is expected to launch on Netflix next year. We also hear from sources that a third season is in the works, but the streamer has not confirmed.

Directed by Humberto Hinojosa and Adrian Grunberg, the scripts come from Daniel Krauze, Ana Sofia Clerici, Anton Goenechea, Diego Ayala, Karin Valecillos and Paulina Barros.

Mark Burnett, Carla González Vargas and Pablo Cruz are executive producers, along with Carolina Leconte and Jaime Ramos. The series is an MGM and Gato Grande production.

Argentinian model, singer and actress Achaga was recently seen in the Amazon series El Candidato. She is known in Latin America as a former member of Mexican-Argentinian pop group Eme 15 and for roles in series including Gossip Girl: Acapulco. Her breakout role came in Televisa’s soap Amar A Muerte, where she appeared in one of the first major lesbian stories on prime-time Mexican television. His character was later made into a 2019 miniseries. Juliantina.

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