The story of the “surrender ??” The exciting song and the success of Il Sol ?? He even launched it in English!

The seventh and penultimate episode of the series Louis miguel at Netflix Login and download by name “Entrégate”, training Juan Carlos CalderonIt was part of the album “20 years”, This melody quickly reached the top of the charts in Mexico and Latin America.

In fact, it is placed at the top of the Top Latin songs from the billboard, In September 1990. Moreover, it is one of the rare arias of the nationalized Mexican singer which was also released in English, under the title “before dawn”, Although its results are not those expected by the idol.

One of Luis Miguel’s “hottest” songs

Another feature of the Calderon song is that it also appears on Mickey’s Most “Today” lists, and the song’s lyrics, critics say, are an invitation to a sexual encounter.

In addition to appearing in “20 años”, “Surrender” appeared on the 1995 album “The Concert” and in the 2005 group “Grandes Exitos”.

Sing in English

The intention to internationalize LuisMi did not succeed with this kind of betting in English, because with the release of this tune in the American (Saxon) and British markets, it went without pain or glory, which did not ‘resulted in no attempt. Cross between Latin and General Saxon.

What do you say “give up”?

Close your eyes, make yourself loved
I want to take you to the valley of pleasure
I know you will be mine today

Let me steal the big secret from your skin
Let yourself drift from your feminine instincts

Give up, I still can’t feel you
Let your body get used to my thermals
Surrender, prisoner
Passion doesn’t wait and I can’t love anymore

spanish version

English copy


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