The time Luis Miguel paid $80,000 to be close to a famous soap opera actress

A few years earlier, Luis Miguel he was one of the biggest stars in Latin music. With her charm and her vocal level, she amazed her thousands of fans around the world. Such was its popularity that the singer he was a well-known conqueror at the height of his career. However, few know that the interpreter He was so amazed by a famous Mexican actress that he decided to pay $80,000 to be near her.

Then find out who was recognized soap opera performer and why the ‘Sun of Mexico’ He decided to spend an exorbitant amount of money to spend more time with her.


The fame of winning Luis Miguel it’s not free. Her romances with stars like Mariah Carey Is Aracely Arambula are just a sample of the beautiful women who have fallen in love with the musician. Therefore, it is very surprising to know that there was a women who dazzled the singerto the point that he paid a large sum of money for his simple the society.

She would be none other than Adele Noriegarecognized soap opera actress like “true love” or “fire in the blood”. From the start of her career, the interpreter not only distinguished himself by his talent for performancebut also because of its great beauty. This makes Adele he would gain many followers throughout his career and one of them would be the music divo Luis Miguel.

Thanks to his charming smile, his authentic beauty and his enviable physique, the singer has decided to make every effort to be close to Norway and realize the dream of getting to know her better.


Apparently the interpreter of “The unconditional” was so enchanted by Adele Noriegawho asked his team to hire him as a model for one of their music videos. In this way the artist I thought that I would have the opportunity to interact with her during the recordings of the audio-visualof which she would be the protagonist.

According to the chain Youtube “Chronology”, the singer He was determined to have the Mexican beauty participate in his project, so he didn’t want to spare any expense: “They say the Sun was so obsessed with her being in the music video, that They paid him about $80,000 (over 1.5 million Mexican pesos) for your participation”.

According to medium, mediumthe Video clip is the one with the song “Word of honor”recorded in 1984. According to other rumors, the lyrics of the sincere interpretation were also dedicated to the actress.

The artist was delighted with Noriega (Photo: Martín Bernetti / AFP)


In the clip of “Word of honor”a young man can be seen Luis Miguel waiting in a box, before appearing in one of his shows. In her audio-visual, Adele Noriega acts as her romantic interest, as the two spend some tender times together which can be seen throughout the song. By the end of the clip, however, it’s obvious that it was all part of the imagination of the interpreterwho receives a call to go on stage and will delight his audience.

“At the beginning of a life, a dead end and me… So much time in the attempt, so many fools count between you and me. The heart, where you were, rolls sad and without love. I will forget you, word of honor, lost dove. I can’t anymore, I have to forget you and I have to forget yousung Luis Miguel in part of the composition.


Recently, Luis Miguel once again caught the attention of the media thanks to a famous follower of the interpreter. It’s none other than the boxer Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarezwho with the actor Diego Bonet appears in a video singing the famous song “La Media Vuelta”.

This moment happened after the defeat of the boxer against Dmitry Bivol. After 12 rounds, the judges gave the victory to the Russian boxer, who thus kept the WBA light heavyweight championship.


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