The TV series Miguel Bosé finds its main actors

Bose”, the next series based on the life of Spanish singer Miguel Bosé, has found its main actors. Jose Pastor and Ivan Sanchez signed on to play Miguel Bosé at different times in his life.

Both performers are Spanish, having developed exciting careers, with Ivan Sánchez having starring roles in series like “The Queen of the South,” and “Lines of pedestrian crossings.” This is their biggest role to date. In addition to the heavy task of embodying the personality and charisma of Miguel Bosé, the actors will also have to learn to appropriate his singing voice.

Miguel Bosé’s life is ripe for adaptation material. He was born into one of the most famous and important families in Spain in the 1950s, the son of the bullfighter Luis Miguel Dominguin and Lucia Bose. Bosé’s musical career and fame coincided with the fall of the Franco dictatorship, showing the world open and colorful Spanish music, which strongly opposed the Franco regime.

Miguel Bose performing in London in 1991.

Bosé will air on Paramount+ and is currently filming in Spain and Miami. According to Variety.

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