This is the number Luis Miguel will earn for the second season of the Netflix series


Millionaire: this is the number Luis Miguel will earn for the second season of the Netflix series

The artistic career of Louis miguel It was an undisputed success for several decades when he was No. 1 in Spanish-speaking romantic music. However, his fame is now shifting elsewhere, and what is interesting is not the work but the artist himself. Fans are interested in knowing more about the idol behind the scenes, but what happened to him when the lights went out and he came home.

This is exactly what the Netflix series that filmed in its early days said. Louis miguelAnd caused a sensation in Latin America. Luis Miguel, the seriesIt was one of the most watched biographical series on Netflix in South America. El Sol songs are back to the top of playlists, and the nostalgia factor contributed to the success of the first season.

Without a doubt, the excellent portrayal of actor Diego Bonita helped to continue the second part of this gripping story. What the most important Mexican singer has suffered over the past decades was on everyone’s lips and the audiences were asking for more. For this reason, Netflix has already announced the release date for the second installment of the series, which will be April 18, 2021.

A number in the millions has been leaked, that’s what it will be Louis miguel Through his rights, he elevated the series to his life. For the eight seasons of the first season, the singer of The Unconditional raked in nearly $ 5 million. A number estimated much higher in this second round, because of the expectations and the good reception left by the first part.

Louis miguelYou would have demanded three times the initial value of these new rings. Apart from that, actor Diego Bonita will bring together nearly two million people for his work as the main hero of the first season. You may also need to bargain for more as your performance has been well recognized.


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