This is the reason why Alejandro Basteri does not see Luis Miguel

Luis Miguel’s brother got honest in an interview.

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Alexandre Basterishe lives her present full of emotions for the recent textile project in homage to her mother, Marcela Basteri. The 49-year-old businessman is the son the Italian has spent the most time with at home when Luisito Rey and Luis Miguel went on a concert tour.

Alexandre Basteri is the middle aged child of his parents and to this day he has present and intact the memories of his mother before disappearing from his life and that of his brothers Sergio and Luis Miguel. That’s why, a few months ago, she decided to launch a clothing line inspired by Marcela Basteri: “Basteri collection”.

Marcela Basteri gone from life by alexanderSergio and Luis Miguelwhen the two eldest were teenagers. The fact was extremely agonizing and painful for the brothers and each handled it differently. In the case of the person recently interviewed, he decided to capture in a line of clothing concepts, ideas and feelings that his mother transmitted to him and what is left in his memory and memories.

Source: Instagram @abasteri

Recently, Alexandre Basteriwas interviewed for the program “Ventaneando”. There, trained in photography, cinema and business, he spoke with Pati Chapoy and launched some forceful phrases that clarified the relationship he has with his brother. Luis Miguel . In part of the conversation, the businessman said he had a good relationship with ‘Micky’ but for work reasons they couldn’t see each other in person. He was also honest in saying that they stipulated discretion with his brothers about their current homes: “We are like mysterious, I can’t tell you state secrets,” he condemned.

alexander also mentioned that his brothers supported him in his new tribute project to Marcela Basteri. And he underlined what the launch means: “I’m starting to feel a particular emotion of being very strange, of remembering very strong moments, for something that I do what I do, it’s not a business commercial.”

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