This is the song that Luis Miguel rejected and Bebe Aguilar managed to

for many Luis Miguel He is the most important singer in Mexico, having performed a large number of songs with different rhythms and different genres. Throughout his career, El Sol de México had many composers who wrote different songs for him that achieved great success.

But there’s a rejected song Luis Miguel This can add to the singer’s long playlist. This song was later shown Baby Aguilar By the composer who did not give up, who admitted it in his musical works and would even have the support of the singer Tiziano Ferro in the interpretation.

in a race Luis Miguel If there is something to highlight is the large number of awards, such as Grammy, Billboard, ACE, Lo Nuestro, MTV, Ritmo Latino and others. There are countless hit songs by the singer that were all the rage in the 80s, 90s and even today.

Recently, in an interview with the Mexican entertainment television program produced and broadcast by Imagine TV, the songwriter “First Hand”, named Enrique Guzmán Yáñez, better known as “Fato”, whose song was titled “Mi Colonel,” recounted how he introduced the song to Luis Miguel He told her no after hearing it.

Photo: Luis Miguel’s Instagram

For this reason, the composer expressed: “Imagine all the harm a filter artist can do to you,” said the author, in the interview quoted referring to a team. Luis Miguel, as he managed to achieve great success in his music business 12 years ago. The truth is that the song was popular thanks to Baby Aguilar and that other singers have also been immortalized by other versions of the theme.

Photo: Instagram Pepe Aguilar

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