to explore! Luis Miguel rejected a song that later became a hit

to explore! Luis Miguel rejected a song that later became a hit

Mexico: Luis Miguel He is one of the most internationally recognized singers for his great songs full of emotion. However, the distinguished artist had to reject melodies performed by other artists at some point.

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One of them was a symbolic theme “my creed”Written by the famous musician Guzman Yanezknown asVermontwho presented the aforementioned piece tomexican sun But you have no answers.

The Mexican artist confirmed in an interview with local media that he does not know the reasons for the rejection of his subject, but he is happy that other singers have thought of it.

The song I gave him was “Mi Credo” and they didn’t take it into account, I don’t know what happened there. And look what it became when Pepe Aguilar took it and then made the popular K-Peace a confidant,” he said in front of the show’s spotlight.

Later, Guzmán Yáñez said that he hopes to work with Luis Miguel very soon, since in recent years he has not been described as having good successes.

For me he is one of the greatest defenders of Mexican pop music and he dared with this voice to do what he wants. I think it lacks an album with new and recent songs, and while respecting the mariachi structure (…) I am open to collaborations.

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